Dark Souls PC: From Software 'Interested' In Mods, But No Support Planned

Dark Souls developer From Software has explained that there are no plan to allow modding on the PC version, but might announce something regarding it in future. Full quotes here.

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Emilio_Estevez2380d ago

10 minutes from now there will be a petition for it.

h311rais3r2380d ago

Oh give me a break. Both petitions were entirely justified. Pc players wanted to experience it and games for windows live is more harmful than a virus.

NYC_Gamer2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

The company still needs to find out how PC gaming/community works...They're still fresh to the platform...Many of us realize that and respect that Namco/Fromsoftware are listening to the community in the first place..

GamingPerson2380d ago

this could be the door to more japanese devs on pc! I hope.

fastrez2380d ago

That's how I'm looking at it. Sure this sucks, but give them a chance. Plus, the game is awesome. Not playing ti for this reason or DRM is daft.

anonym2380d ago

Not surprising, I don't think many people were expecting official mod tools. I actually think the takeaway from this is positive; they've at least expressed interest in mod support, which bodes well for future releases. Also, in the big picture, every Japanese dev exposed to the benefits of the PC is a win.

jthamind2380d ago

Games for Windows Live AND no mods planned? i love From Software--Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are two of my favorite games this gen--but my interest in the PC version of Dark Souls keep dropping. GFWL is bad enough as it is, but one of the things i was looking forward to was custom armor mods, more character customization, more weapon mods, etc. if we can't have those either, then i can't really see myself shelling out more money just for 60fps and a couple new areas.

GamingPerson2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

The devs are not super human. They are giving us direct port because we asked them to. I am sure they were not playing ping pong and we gave them something to do. Dark souls 2 pc will be much better as they will be prepared for it and can plan a pc version early..
This is a 5 month port.

I am just afraid that the game will fail after all of this.

NYC_Gamer2380d ago

These dudes are really new to the PC world of gaming...We can't expect them to come out and learn/support all the community features we want on their first attempt....i'm buying Dark Souls on PC because the game is good plus they listened to us by giving us the port and Namco/Fromsoftware continue to take feed back from the community on features.

Nevers2380d ago

I'm all for mods... unless of course I'm getting invaded by some naked Sailor Moon shooting wheely-skeletons from an electric Pharis bow at me; and then, when I finally get in position to backstab, I eat a chaos fire stream coming out of Sailor Moon's butt that also force pushes me off of a cliff.

I admit, I have no idea how mods work. But, as a console gamer, I hope modded avatars won't be able to PvP.

Grats on getting the game, PCer's. Now go sign the console DLC petition, please.

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