Namco on Witcher II 360 release: “this is not a port”

VG247: The Witcher II releases for 360 in Britain today, and Namco Bandai UK marketing boss Lee Kirton has promised you won’t be buying a straight up port over the PC version.

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GamingPerson2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

PC dev = quality port.
Console devs = take this Sh!t and STFU! And if doesn't sell you are all pirates!! yeah!! argghh

dc12433d ago

This is good stuff 360 gamers. What a wonderful game! - Please support CDP.

... now If they can 'port' this to the PS3 I can complete the journey again with Trophies!

Tai_Kaliso2433d ago

I wouldn't get your hopes up on that one, they are a small team and are already working on two next generation games at the same time.

dc12433d ago

Sadly... I'm fully aware friend.

I jumped on the W2 as soon as it was released on PC and was amazed at the product. Simply put, I want CDP to get as much love as possible... from all sides of the gaming world.

TooTall192433d ago

I consider it an enhanced port.