Barrel Roll Podcast #155 – “Adam is (Probably) A Robot” | writes, "This week on show, Jonah and Jesse are joined by two returning champions of guest hosting, Adam Milecki, who may or may not be a robot, and Wesley Johnson. After shooting the breeze about remix contest and albums you should definitely go check out, they get right into the video games discussion.

First up is Skullgirls, the indie fighting game from Autumn Games that dropped on XBLA and PSN last week. Then Adam and Jesse have an in-depth discussion on Kid Icarus: Uprising. After the break we unfortunately lose Adam due to his suddenly getting down with the sickness. But the show must go on and Jesse gives his thoughts on Asura’s Wrath and how much he wishes there was a game there. Jonah has actually played a new game, Legend of Grimrock, even though it plays like an old game. He also finally gave in and bought the Rock Band 3 keyboard bundle he has been putting off since the game’s initial release nearly two years ago. Before he falls asleep (it was approaching 2am on his end), Wes gives us his thoughts on Fallout: New Vegas."

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