The 2D Platformer Renaissance


One of the most common refrains being espoused by people discussing Fez online is that the "fake retro 8-bit" style of games is growing long in the tooth. That strikes me as a limiting and narrow-minded perspective; Fez's aesthetic is a deliberate stylistic choice that required a fair amount of artistry -- the game excellently depicts things like frogs with remarkable minimalism! -- and it serves a functional purpose as well by helping enable the game's optical-illusion-based core mechanic. Sure, lots of games have mishandled the faux-8-bit look, but when it's used well (as it is in Fez), it becomes as a valid a visual style as the high-poly-count, four-rendering-pass "realism" of AAA shooters... which, incidentally, will look painfully dated five years from now. At least the pseudo-classic look front-loads its visual obsolescence.

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Crap_Turtle2435d ago

We can all thank nintendo for this

When new super mario bros sold 25 million, it was like, ok lets do this thing

the japanese platformers are what i most want to play, not alot of this indie garbage listed here.

Captain Qwark 92434d ago

agree with the first part but not the second, not by a long shot.

rayman origins says hi.....

from the beach2434d ago

Well said man. The indie guys are basically coming in about 20 years late with inferior, glitchy, ugly, boring 2D platformers.

Japan's like BAM, New Super Mario Bros, POW, Mega Man 9, SMACK, Hard Corps Uprising, slaps them all over the place.

Perjoss2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I think it's quite the opposite, the games you listed might be good but they are the same tired formulas over and over.

It's like the Japanese forgot how to make good games. They even admit it themselves that the west has overtaken them in games design.

@ Crap_Turtle
I wasn't even trying to troll, just giving my opinion, I never said you have to agree with me.

Crap_Turtle2434d ago

Dont troll, you just lied to yourself, and then lied to us

"They even admit it themselves that the west has overtaken them in games design. "

SO when a few devs say that, its fact right.....oh so then when peter M, and other western devs say the same thing about how bad western game design is.......should we believe them?

from the beach2434d ago

Except they're not 'the same tired formulas', they bring new features that expand their respective series and the genre altogether.

I mean look at the best efforts from outside Japan: LittleBigPlanet, where they managed to mess up the most fundamental platform ability - to jump; Super Meat Boy, stages that last about five seconds, infinite retries and continues for the super casuals; Rayman Origins, as bland and bare bones as platforming gets and looks like a Weeble and Bob cartoon.

Crap_Turtle2434d ago

My favorites this gen

new super mario bros wii
new super mario bros ds
donkey kong country returns
yoshi island
super princess peach
prinny 1 and 2
megaman 9
megaman 10
megaman xz
megaman xz advent
sonic generations
sonic colors
sonic rush
super paper mario (rpg too)
muramasa (rpg too)
the 3 ds metroidvanias ( rpgs too)
kirby return to dream land

and others