Battlefield 3 Devs on Incoming Updates, More Hints of Snow Maps, Android Battlelog App On The Way

MP1st - Developers at DICE share some updates regarding upcoming Battlefield 3 patches and hints, once again, at snow-covered maps making their way to BF3. Also, more on the Android version of the Battlelog app.

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Kahvipannu2346d ago

Oh man, I would love to have snow-maps for BF3..

AusRogo2346d ago

Was just about to say that in those exact words! Snow maps would be awesome.

ginsunuva2345d ago

No. We need some very tight, close-quarters, cod-like maps. Someone tell Dice to make those.

Kahvipannu2345d ago

You know, next map-pack after that cq-one will be biggest maps yet in BF3, no need to worry.

GrumpyVeteran2346d ago

"Halling simply answered, “the future will tell.”"

Well that solves that then.

Mythicninja2346d ago

Forgot this game even existed

Hufandpuf2346d ago

Cool story... I left out the bro on purpose.

Skate-AK2345d ago

You must have forgot the word existed.

spektical2345d ago

hmm i wish they bring down the recoil.. its ridiculous. although i have found loadouts to compensate such as AN with flash and grip.

Mikeyy2345d ago

Totally agree. Some guns are fine but try the LMGs. Dice ruined them :(

Mikeyy2345d ago

The stupid disagree is probably somebody whose gun wasnt nerfed or hes a butthurt tank user. I also feel helicopters are op now. Big time.

scrambles2345d ago

Dice took them from no recoil to BC2 recoil so you couldnt just hold down the trigger to kill an enemy 100 yrds away. Gunplay became soooooo much better since this last patch. It also put a lot of the weapons back in their places. Lmgs are no longer run and gun inaccurate assault rifles with 200 bullets and carbines are no longer miniassault rifles.

Also the foregrip is a major nerf to the AN94. Use the H-bar, 4x sight, and bipod.

spektical2345d ago

idk.. did worse.

im going off this video for my loadouts:

ddurand12344d ago mean they behave like real guns now? imagine that.

patch made the game waht it should have been since release.

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