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OllieBoy2407d ago

CG trailer? Really Bethesda?

Emilio_Estevez2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I see that and raise you a very Assassin's Creedy looking game. Well, minus the powers.

Kingdom Come2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

First-Person Perspective and magical powers, I must have missed those in Assassins Creed...

gaffyh2406d ago

Thief + Skyrim + Mirror's Edge = Dishonored


Assassin's Creed, Brink and Hitman had a baby, and its name is Dishonored. i am officially PUMPED!

SnotyTheRocket2406d ago

Steampunk, Assassin's Creed, magic and awesome Mirrors Edge-ness? I'M IN!

irepbtown2406d ago

Oh my, another great game to look forward to in 2012?

This just looks gorgeous :D

himdeel2406d ago

What CG doesn't look gorgeous? I had to disagree. Why? I'm jaded and want to see actual gameplay. I don't get excited by trailers like this. Just hope the actual game works.

LackTrue4K2406d ago

Twisted Metal+New Ninja Turtle movie+ dish-washing soap = Dishonored :)

Getowned2406d ago

"Twisted Metal+New Ninja Turtle movie+ dish-washing soap = Dishonored :) "

... O___O!?

Game loos cool, I really want to see wish games looked as good as CGI lol that would be epic

snipes1012406d ago

Well it definitely has potential. I just look at CG trailers as proof of concept (sort of). If anyone here read the Game Informer article on the game, they would see that this is what they are going for with this title.


BiggCMan2406d ago

I think what's funny here is that all of you people comparing this to other games, forget that every single game takes from some other games in some form or another.

Stop trying to be funny with comparisons, everything resembles SOMETHING, all of the time. But this is not any developers faults, there are just millions of games out there throughout the decades, so clearly this will resemble at least one of them.

People are so quick to judge these days, what happened to being excited for a new title because it was something you never heard of before? Now everyone is immediately judgmental.

I will not praise this as some type of award winner or game of whatever year it comes out. I simply look forward to hearing more about it, and maybe trying it out some day.

joab7772406d ago

I would say bioshock. It definitely gives me the bioshock feeling, the immersion, the unique characters, the powers, and the oddity of it all. And i couldn't be happier. I want it now.

snipes1012406d ago

Also, for all the naysayers, if you do a little research you will find that Harvey Smith, the man who worked on several Deus Ex titles and on Thief: Deadly Shadows, is one of the lead designers.

It's in good hands people. Stop being so mean.

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badz1492406d ago

Mirror's Edge turns Assassins?

chazjamie2406d ago

looks like a stealth game to me

NeoBasch2406d ago

I was thinking more like a supernatural cyberpunk version of Assassin's Creed with BioShock like sensibilities. Sounds/looks... interesting, what matters is the execution. We'll see what Arkane Studios can come up with. I haven't played any of their other games, but what I have heard hasn't been too good. So here's hoping! : )

lastdual2406d ago


Arkane doesn't have a bad track record at all. Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah were both memorable games. They've definitely got a talent for crafting atmospheric worlds.

2406d ago
Christopher2406d ago

Looks more like Deus Ex + BioShock in a Renaissance Steampunk setting to me.

Conzul2406d ago

This trailer plays out almost exactly like the Prey 2 trailer.

pacosanchez882406d ago

@ conzul lol it really does. every trailer has some similarities but these two have the same flow.

Dark mysterious back story
player gets suited up
some intense free running
find the main bad guy
kill his goons (even slows down time)
main bad guy pleads for his life
big damgerous thing approaches
deals with big bad thing off camera

tawak2406d ago

Assassin's Creed+mirror edge+bioshock

joab7772406d ago

I was very excited about prey 2. It had a mass effect feel to it. With mass effect ending, i so badly wanted prey 2 to be great. Now, bethesda introduces a game that feels like my other favorite game of this gen, bioshock. Here's to hoping dishonored doesn't get shelved too. At least there is an actual bioshock coming. Though i can't complain, i loved mass effect 3. I'm just sad it's over.

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Nimblest-Assassin2406d ago

Im cautiously optimistic.... especially after the shoddy Skyrim PS3 port, Bethesda has to prove they care about all the consoles they makes games on... or I skip this and ignore it and all future Bethesda games existence.

bujasem_892406d ago

metal gear + pokemon + Duck hunt!! I can't wait!

bujasem_892406d ago

ilkil imsawi mixat fog 3ala kaifa.. this makes just as much sense xp "Sarcasm" ;p

mafiahajeri2406d ago

Wow when are we going to get games that actually look like that?

MEsoJD2406d ago

Yeah it kind of pisses me off that it won't look like that. Oh wells...

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2407d ago
Raider692407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I cant belive the shaft PREY 2 for this crap.Not to mention this going against Bioshock Infinite is like suicide!

VanillaBear2407d ago

I'd rather give this game a chance then have a Prey 2

I would rather have a Prey sequel where you actually play as Tommy and the game actually plays/feels like a true Prey sequel.

The way Prey 2 was going, as impressive as it looked, it would of done better as a new IP.

Baka-akaB2406d ago

really ? Prey didnt even look like a Prey sequel , and felt like more of the same fps we get .

There is a reason stuff like Syndicate failed after all , and prey was going to have the same fate

vallencer2406d ago

Really?? Because honestly Prey 2 looked more like Blade Runner than anything else which im ok with. I'll take both of them because I like playing games that are good.

NukaCola2406d ago

Are you guys high? Prey 2 is nothing like the original. It's an open world first person bounty hunting game with RPG elements, par-cor abilities and more. They showed tons of footage. It's a Blade Runner meets Mirror's Edge game. You can literally run down aliens by jumping up scaffles, climbing walls and moving in FPS perspective as if you were playing a TP Action game.

MidnytRain2406d ago

Jesus Christ... "Par-cor"?

torchic2406d ago

LOL "par-cor"

I laughed for like 15 minutes ahahaha!

NukaCola2406d ago

Would you guys rather me say "Platforming" Cause that was it is, the ability to move as you could in Mirror's Edge.

No Way2406d ago

Uhm. I think they are laughing cause you spelled 'parkour,' par-cor. (:

NukaCola2406d ago derp?

I don't know how to spell it, I just guessed.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2406d ago

There's a lot to address in your comment.

Firstly, how as Bethesda shafting a game which has only been rumoured cancelled. Plus, it's not as if this or Prey are being developed by Bethesda, they are only the publishers.

Secondly, how do you know this s going against Bioshock Infinite, it doesn't even have a release date other than 2012.

Thirdly, why are you talking about other games on a story about Dishonored?

And lastly, why do you think this is crap? I think it looks really interesting. It's always good to have an interesting new IP and it being a steampunk one only makes it better. Why do you have 6 agrees?

Pintheshadows2406d ago

"It's always good to have an interesting new IP"

Here here sir.

These people that complain in an unwarranted manner about something they have minimal information about are the bane of humanity. No doubt this doesn't stop with games for these people.

If it were up to them gaming would be dead. It's not even cynicism. It's just diarrhoea mouth.

Dishonored is a fantastic concept. A mix of Deus Ex, Thief and seemingly Mirrors Edge in a dystopian steampunk setting. How you can find that dull is beyond me.

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GamingPerson2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I would like to see a movie like that. Want gameplay though.
So what if it's CG? It's not like we won't see game play. I love Assassins Creed CG.