Bringing Collaborative Play to Sonic 4 Episode II

Mike Kebby // Digital Campaigns Manager, SEGA:

As you’re no doubt aware, Sonic 4 Episode II will be upon us in due course. I’m just here to give an overview of one of the features we’re most proud of in the upcoming game – Collaborative Gameplay between Sonic and Tails. Sonic can now team up at any point in the game with Tails, by utilising one of three combo moves in order to progress through some of the more challenging parts of a level.

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I'm still and always will be a fan of Sonic...even if some of his games aren't the best

t0mmyb0y2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I miss the first one they made for the Dreamcast. Absolutely loved it.

edit: Oh oh and Sonic CD.