Will Steel Battalion Make Hardcore Gamers Buy A Kinect?

The mech simulator that was best-known for the fact that it came bundled with a $200 controller that only plays one game, is now being revived as a mech simulator that requires a $100 controller that only plays The Gunstringer. Sure, the Kinect can also play other games like My Little Pony Dance Party, and C3PO’s Pilates Challenge, but with the decidedly casual and kiddy library for the Kinect, the question remains: Will the hardcore target audience of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor buy Microsoft’s motion sensor to play this game?

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StrongMan2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

"There are a few issues that break the illusion, namely that players have to perform actions quickly, then let the game catch up to them, so when reaching for the periscope, the animation will come a second after the Player has made the pulling gesture."

No. Kinect is just a causal shovelware gimmick. You CAN'T have a core experience without buttons and extremely laggy detection from Kinect. Hardcore gamers that want to play Ghost Recon are buying it to play Ghost Recon not to put the controller down after every mission to wave their arms to put attachments on guns and then pick the controller back up to actually play the game. MS has to accept the fact that this gimmick is for the casual kids and NOT the hardcore gamers. Ever wonder why the so called core Kinect games flop in sales? There's your answer.

Tzuno2379d ago

yeah buy a hardware for one game pff very intelligent :)

jimbobwahey2379d ago

I like to think that people are smart enough to not waste money on Kinect these days considering there are no worthwhile games and future releases such as Steel Battalion merely use the peripheral for gimmicks.

Rhythmattic2379d ago

My mate bought the first game which inc a hardcore hardware controller...

I had a go, it was one of the most immersive experiences I've had... full friggin' on...

So do you really think he's going to buy this game, little lone a kinect to play it

You'd be living in the clouds if you think he will......

Rhythmattic2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

For the disagree' s...

Yeh kinect is this...And does as good a job...


PS: As for Dance Battalion when it comes out, probably.

brettyd2379d ago

I buy every knew piece of gaming hardware and buying kinect has never crossed my mind. That's how pointless unapealling it is.

cstyle2379d ago

Something tells me that you lie often.

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