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5 gaming industry people you should know

Behind every great franchise and release in the video game industry, is someone who has dedicated themselves to creating breakthroughs and innovation for future games to come. MyGaming round-up some of the modern industry people you should know, although, there are many more unsung heroes to address. (Cliff Bleszinski, Hideo Kojima, Industry, Ken Levine, Peter Molyneux, Shinji Mikami)

DarkSymbiote  +   885d ago
I can really think of more important gaming industry people than Cliff Blezinski, Molyneux and Levine. How come the really notable and great ones are tossed in "Notable mentions"?
Stuart5756  +   885d ago
Peter Molyneux should never be on a top 5 list with Mr Kojima.
Venox2008  +   885d ago
Shigeru Myamoto
Hideo Kojima
Hideki Kamiya
Goichi Suda (Suda51)
Akira Yamaoka
h311rais3r  +   884d ago
Cuz only Japanese devs are good right /s
Venox2008  +   883d ago
for me they are the best and many more people from West know devs from West, not Japan, so thats why they should know these devs... Oh yeah and Shinji Mikami, Tim Schafer and Michel Ancel, Yoshio Sakamoto too! :) and yes, for me Japan devs are the best :)
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Series_IIa  +   884d ago
Like him or not Peter Molyneux has created and worked on some of the most successful games of their time. He's just a bit of a douche for over-hyping like crazy.
fucadastates  +   884d ago
david fking jaffe
VanillaBear  +   884d ago
I like to think Amy Hennig should be known

The work she did on Uncharted which helped shape the game into what it is today shouldn't go unnoticed. Nolan even said in interviews that she's the main one who made Uncharted what we know today and even Drake himself
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