Namco responds to PC gamers demand for removing GFWL from Dark Souls, petition approaches 20K signs

DSOGaming writes: "A while ago, we informed you about the features of Dark Souls PC. As you may remember, Namco has revealed back then that the PC version would be using GFWL. Naturally, a lot of PC gamers got annoyed by it and decided to express their opinion on Namco's forums. Not only that, but another petition got started with the hope to further push Namco in abandoning their plans of integrating Microsoft's GFWL service in their upcoming title."

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NYC_Gamer2313d ago

This is real cool a publisher that listens to their fans/valid points.

h311rais3r2313d ago

I may buy 2 copies just as a thank you. I already have it on ps3 but the fact that they are actually trying to please their fans is great. They deserve so much for this. The only killer for them now would be a bad port. If it is ported correctly then their sales will be huge.

NYC_Gamer2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I own the 360 version but never played co-op since my xbl isn't gold...will buy the PC version though long as the port is solid with better framerate/rez...I'll just ignore the online features if the game sticks with GFWL..

Saladfax2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I saw another article with an interview in it which mentioned that it's supposedly going to be a pretty straight port with few graphics options. Supposedly they might not even fix Blighttown =(

Hopefully this isn't the case. As long as the game remains playable, it'll still probably sell quite well. This is the kind of thing devs and publishers to understand. If they put a good quality product on PC, it's practically guaranteed to sell a giant buttload of copies. The better they make it and the more features they put in only increases this aspect.

anonym2312d ago

Agreed, and if they act on it and remove GFWL, they'll earn some serious good will from a lot of PC gamers (not to mention more sales).

lelo2play2312d ago Show
DigitalAnalog2313d ago

I personally wouldn't have mind GFWL, but that service just gives more headaches than your standard DRM. Even single-player games are not susceptible to this, imagine a complex online system such as Dead Souls utilizing this feature.

GOG, DTD or better yet Steamworks just so that the game can run "smoothly". More potential sales right there.

Saladfax2312d ago

It's as much about having a framework they can use for multiplayer. Unfortunately, GFWL has a lot of connection issues, dropouts and the like to begin with.

Mythicninja2313d ago

<---- is happy they listened to us, regardless of whether or not it turns out feasible to remove GFWL

Saryk2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

In my experience everything out there is better than GFWL. I really hate updating a game through that service..

jc485732313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

you don't see this kind of demands coming from consoles because people don't seem to care. Asking people to sign a petition for consoles is harder than you think.

T9002313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

They are used to ill treatment, hence they always get shoved hard. Things only get worse for them over a period of time.

There is a history of examples:

MS launches XBL gold charges for online (they charge for GFWL as well):

PC gamers retaliate and get online free, console gamers bend over.

Activision removes Dedicated servers from COD:

PC gamers retaliate and get server back, Console gamers bend over.

Ubisoft annouces online requirement to play solo games:

PC gamers again speak up and get the condition removed.

Bottomline is if console gamers did the same, the entire gaming community would benefit. They pay more per game (alot more), hell we even get games at a much more discounted rate very soon after launch meanwhile console gamers keep paying higher rates. Now i think its very unfair that the one advantage they have of selling games is being taken away too, yet most of them are silent and will likely support MS or Sony simply because of blind fanboisim.

Mythicninja2313d ago

I believe there are interest groups that absolutely HATE that the PC gaming community bands together and stands together against CRAP as well as it does. This is where you get people calling us "entitled, whiner, cry baby, etc, etc....." And all this other trite crap.

kevnb2313d ago

this is why some publishers like consoles, they can rape with dlc like crazy on console.

yojimbo_slice2312d ago

Well, good luck getting console gamers to unite on anything. Why even bother bringing up these points? The console gamers are the ones getting reamed and they're fine with it. You're speech was in aid of nothing. It's like speaking to a wall.

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