Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 2 DLC trailer


On Xbox Marketplace today, PSN tomorrow.

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Lucretia2410d ago

no thanks. When they said that the packs were free I almost considered buying the game.....but 3$ for the claws, 3$ for the scythe? lol no.

Means NG2 should have been worth 120$ considering all the weapons and extra modes that were in it

Captain Qwark 92410d ago

yeah this is just pure greed. no reason they couldnt have included all the weapons like past games have.

TheRealHeisenberg2410d ago

NG is my favorite game series going all the way back to the NES days. I was excited about every game until the latest installment. The more I heard and saw of NG3, the more my excitement started to fade. Charging for weapons has killed any chance there was of me buying this game now.

Athlon2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

They're charging you guys for the claws? They were free on the US PSN account.

andron2409d ago

Well they are free to use in the single slayer campaign, but if you want to use them online in the trials or multiplayer part you have to buy them for that.

Tecmo Koeis greed killed NG3. Definitely a strong contender to most disappointing game of the year in my opinion...

h311rais3r2409d ago

Not buyin ng4 that's for sure.