Grim Dawn - action RPG from ex-Titan Quest developers - gets a Kickstarter campaign

DSOGaming writes: "Crate Entertainment decided to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon and initiated a campaign for their upcoming action RPG, Grim Dawn. Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game for PC and a spiritual successor to Titan Quest. For the past two years a small team of former Iron Lore veterans at Crate Entertainment have been developing Grim Dawn with their own, improved version of the Iron Lore engine and tools; the same technology used to create Titan Quest."

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Crap_Turtle2407d ago

looks generic, no money from me

Mythicninja2407d ago

Generic? How so? Looks freakin awesome, already bought a key. With diablo 3 going it's route, and torchlight going the cartoony route, this is the only ARPG out that has a badass look to it. Pacing looks fast. This is the game I wish was out when diablo releases

CLOUD19832407d ago

I suggest u to try Path of Exile if u r looking for a dark, Gothic ARPG with realistic/non-cartoonish graphics ala-D3 & TL2, that game is the spiritual successor of Diablo 1,2 for me, the original Diablo created from Blizzard North not the WoW 1.5 Diablo created from Activision-Blizzard and WoW devs, that game is really dark with crazy character customization, there is limitless options for u to build your char in any way u want, if u r a fan of the 2 past Diablo games I am sure u will love it.

lelo2play2406d ago

Looks quite good. Titan Quest was a very good ARPG at the time. Hope Grim Dawn is even better.