5 Games You’ll Never Get Bored Of

Just when you think it’s time to call it quits something draws you back in and your love affair continues right through until the next installment or the next expansion pack. Craig Bryan from lists out 5 games with serious staying power, and it would be interesting to hear whether you agree or not.

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Tonester9251982d ago

Def Jam Fight For New York

crxss1981d ago

yea i'm pretty bored with most of, if not all of those games

egidem1981d ago

"5 Games I (author) 'll Never Get Bored Of"

That's what the title is supposed to be.

kma2k1982d ago

I think its safe to say majority of people have gotten tired of all of these games!

AmayaAi1982d ago

Try telling that to any WoW fan.

jthamind1982d ago

*raises hand* i played WoW for about 5-6 months, until i experienced all it had and got EXTREMELY bored of it.

also, i would get bored of some garbage like Guitar Hero or Rock Band within seconds.

strange19861982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I got bored of Rock Band/Guitar Hero pretty quickly actually - same with COD.

Fylus1981d ago

Guitar Hero was fun up until the 3rd one, and Rockband was fun until Rocksmith came out. All in all, it was a pretty bad list.

PS3Freak1982d ago

Mario Kart is the only one that is true. Still playing Mario Kart 64 to this day.

Although I have never play WoW so I can't comment on that one.

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The story is too old to be commented.