What’s in the Skyrim DLC? The pre-release evidence examined

Skyrim’s not had an easy time on PS3 but one thing’s carved in stone by dragon talons: we’re getting Skyrim DLC. A recent announcement stated “Bethesda has been hard at work on creating the first set of add-ons. This will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim.” With that in mind let’s examine all the quotes, tweets and other evidence to answer the question, what’s in the Skyrim DLC?

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violents2430d ago

I want some cool dlc stuff, but i dont understand why kinect can do the voice activated shout but you cant on a ps3. Ps3 has mics and cameras too, it should be able to do this. I had ps2 game that would handle voice commands, why wont my ps3?

Tonester9252430d ago

Do you really want to scream at your TV that bad? If anything they should implement the PS Move into the game.

violents2430d ago

i got rid of my move stuff, i didn't like it and yes i already yell at my tv so why not.

But seriously in the original socoms you could use your headset to give voice commands to your squad. And that was a ps2 game. Where did this tech go not just for skyrim but any game?

Tonester9252430d ago

Tom Clancy End War had it. Never really played it though.

MAJ0R2429d ago

I was reading up on Bethesda's blog post and the staff said that the voice control will release exclusively on the 360 first, as well as the DLC. This is due to Microsoft pumping a ton of money into Bethesda Softworks pockets. Simply put, Bethesda jumps when someone with money tells them to jump.

You will probably see the voice control on PC/PS3 in a month or so.

Tr10wn2429d ago

Money is money, Microsoft got the deal first deal with it, still what you expect Sony to do? 2.2b in loses is not easy to take.

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SephirothX212430d ago

Yes but has it speech recognition? Could the programmer create a grammar with the words "Fus", "Ro" and "Da" and then test how well the speech matches up to a word in this grammar with a certain level of confidence. That can be down with Kinect. I know because I've done it.

MysticStrummer2429d ago

Funny, I didn't need to "create a grammar" when I played Endwar on PS3. There were preset phrases, just like dragon shouts would be, and I just said them. The same worked for SOCOM on PS2.

Tai_Kaliso2429d ago

I'm sure this has been said a ton around here already. Kinect has built in voice recognition, programmers don't really have to do anything to make Kinect work with it.

For a game to have standard mic support with voice recognition, it needs to be coded from the start, which is impossible since the game is already out.

I've played games like Endwar, which were TERRIBLE with voice commands and didn't work. Even the original NES had a voice command option and add on, but it sucked just as bad.

People like to think its just a simple mic issue, when its a functionality issue.

lastdual2429d ago

Exactly. Many gamers seem to forget that Kinect saves the developer the trouble of having to code or buy their own voice recognition software. It makes the process cheap and easy.

MysticStrummer2429d ago

"I've played games like Endwar, which were TERRIBLE with voice commands and didn't work."

Strange. Voice commands worked fine for me with Endwar. I actually bought the game used after I had traded my original, because I enjoyed it so much and regretted trading it.

violents2429d ago

back on ps2 with the original socom titles the voice recognition worked great and i thought i made a very immersive experience, especially with it being a tactical stealth shooter. This was on ps2, im pretty sure ps3 should be able to handle the tech.

violents2429d ago

y am i getting disagrees. were you there to fact check my playstation 2 games that i was playing in 01 or are you just a douche that likes to be douchey?

Legion2429d ago

Kinect is more then just a MIC and camera. It has a lot more inside it that does the work that really allows it to be utilized.

violents2429d ago

I never said it was just a mic and a camera. i understand what kinect is. I'm just saying i had playstation2 games that supported voice recognition and on top of that playstation 3 will do head tracking for a false 3d effect on certain games. so y wont it do voice recognition? I feel like the ps community is missing out on something im fairly confident the ps3 should be capable of.

Legion2428d ago

I understand that... but it did that by a whole lot of programming on the developers side. Where on Kinect it is built in to provide the option with little software programming needing to be done to take advantage of it.

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Mr Patriot2429d ago

Lmao that cracked me up .... Imagine the dlc is named bugs & glitches looool

ChrisW2429d ago

I could have sworn I saw that video about 3 months ago...