Dragon's Dogma: Is it really the 'Japanese Skyrim'? Not exactly...

CVG Hands-on: Capcom's hardcore role-player carves a unique path

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Baka-akaB2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

It never even pretended to be . Wich is why it's annoying , wit the media so enthralled with that notion , only to be dissapointed by their own foolish expectations and then probably finding a way to rate the game lower in consequences .

Larry L2405d ago

Personally I would never call Dragon's Dogma a "Japanese Skyrim". I would call it "Half-Assed Monster Hunter".

That's exactly what it is. Dragon's Dogma is Monster Hunter without the excelence of Monster Hunter's online. Which to me means simply, that Dragon's Dogma is a complete waste of a game regardless of even if's actually good for what it is. Because it's a completely wasted opportunity.

No matter how good or bad DD is, it would have been exponentially better if it had online 4-player co-op. I really do like what I see with Dragon's Dogma. But I absolutely refuse to buy it because of that wasted oppotunity.

If it just had online like fans have requested for this game since the DAY it was announced at E3 2011, which Capcom had PLENTY of time to implement (they just refuse to do what the fans want in all their games these days), I would be wait for my pre-order of this game. But since Capcom refused to put online, it's not even a purchase I'd consider.

Geez......the people running Capcom this generation are complete idiots. It seems ALL their decisions on ALL their franchises this entire gen has been bad. Funny, imo though the only good choice they've made this entire gen has been having ANOTHER developer make the next DMC.

Redempteur2405d ago

lol , every game with a thirsd person view where you can hunt monster MUST BE a monter hunter wannabe ...

Some of you people , running their mouths saying nonsense ...

zeal0us2405d ago

Seeing as it coming from Capcom I'm quite cautious about the game given Capcom $$$ grabbing tactics.

Lucretia2405d ago

you mean Every single companies money grabbing tactics? (Sept for NIS and Atlus)


Crap_Turtle2405d ago

"So is it the J-RPG equivalent of Skyrim? Well, not exactly. In fact, that's an unfair comparison. This is much more than a lame attempt to ape Bethesda's series: it's a unique game in its own right, and one of the most interesting RPGs we've played in years."

Laying on the bullshit as thick as it gets huh, you know it is when they say something like that last sentence

Its basically a less hardcore monster hunter, thats what it should be compared to, not skyrim..............

Baka-akaB2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Well dont you know ? Oblivion and skyrim invented High fantasy settings on their own and so much , that every fools came out the woods to even acknowledge , that From software was copying the Elder's Scrolls , with stuff From software have been doing for as long as the Elder scrolls existed . Hell they'd even swear to you that Demon's souls and Dark Souls arent jrpgs .

If both DS game had that crap , no surprise we'd get the same over Dragon's Dogma , despite it's dev insisting it's more an action game than an actual rpg .

Crap_Turtle2405d ago

we agree on this one.....and anyone who says

________ weve played in years means you dont play anything

dc12405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Why all the discontent?
The game looks and sounds great. In fact, it may be the spawn of a Dark Souls Skyrim love affair.
.... that's not a bad thing!

By the way, really good preview/write up COG.

Baka-akaB2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

truly bad writing imo that's all . They basically start over a sensationalist "is this the japanese skyrim?" , only to say very little about the game and finish with "not really it's an unfair comparison" ?

You know that , so why prompt those silly unfair comparison between two games that arent alike at all ? It's BS like theirs that start those weird comparison to begin with , and it's not even the first time they pull that

andron2405d ago

Yeah from the videos i have been watching I get a little Dark Souls inspiration in this game too.

The game looks promising, but I'll wait to see how badly Capcom go with their DLC shenanigans before considering this one...

Ron_Danger2405d ago

Based on what I've seen in vids and read in articles, I kind of thought Dragons Dogma was more of a Two Worlds kind of RPG with a higher focus on action and a party system than a Skyrim type RPG. The pseudo online co op is an interesting idea cause you can basically collect items and info on monsters without playing.

It seems like people who compare Dragons Dogma to Skyrim are the same types who, back in the PS2/ XBox years, said Splinter Cell was just a Metal Gear Solid clone.