New Line Details Transition to Blu-ray

Confirming earlier reports that it would follow Warner to Blu-ray exclusivity, New Line says its first HD DVD title ('Pan's Labryinth') will also be its last.

As for 'Pan's Labryinth,' which hit stores late last year as the first (and only) New Line HD DVD release, the studio says that once current retail supplies are depleted, the title will be discontinued - making it an instant collector's item.

New Line says it's not planning to issue an official press release trumpeting the move, ending its short-lived HD DVD support with a relative whimper.

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riqued3996d ago

They need to release LotR FAST!

n_n3996d ago

LOTR will sell like crazy... i can't believe New Line only brought 1 title to HD-DVD and that's it...

TriggerHappy3996d ago

Guys, the quality is excellent . Check these comparison shots out :

Darkiewonder3996d ago

First and last movie was Pan's Labryinth that came out last year.

Everything else is cancelled.

anyways, so what's the next event for them to announce some dvd/blu-ray movies?

and I want to see "Rocket Science" makes its way to Blu-ray as well.

Shaka2K63996d ago

New Line's only H DVDead title was it's first and last.


whoelse3996d ago

I just want Lord of the Rings! :D

Cyrus3653996d ago

They probably won't release LOTR, till more BD players are out there, and more specifically BD Live Capable players (Profile 2.0) so they can take advantage of all technologies available to them.

So far a few companies have announced bd-live capabale players (And PS3 will be getting update to hit that profile).

GIJeff3996d ago

hd dvd still has a chance.....NOT!

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The story is too old to be commented.