Bethesda Tease Wasn’t Skyrim DLC

Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda had gamers in a flurry yesterday when it uploaded an image via the BethBlog Twitter account. The image depicted a rugged, dirty-faced male many had assumed was a Nord from the acclaimed fantasy series, leading to guesses that the studio was about to unveil its first expansion for Skyrim.

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ardivt2285d ago

the setting of dishonored sounds amazing! we need more extravagant games like this!

2285d ago
Statix2284d ago

Same lead artist who worked on Half-Life 2 also worked on this game. One can see the similarities in the stylistic sensibilities between the two games.

LightSamus2285d ago

I'm sure Dishonored will be great or whatever, but I reckon Bethesda knew exactly how we'd respond to a dirty face like they showed.

They be trollin'.

Tonester9252285d ago

Another buggy game? I hope not

vallencer2285d ago

Don't know if you noticed but Bethesda is just the publisher so your comment is irrelevant.

Regent_of_the_Mask2285d ago

That comment wasn't irrelevant at all.

vallencer2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Bethesda didn't develop that one either nice try. Splash damage did.

Pinkamena_Diane_Pie2285d ago

Assassins are out, Dragonborn are in! Stop following the masses, release DLC. ._.

wolokowoh2285d ago

Your Dragonborn isn't in the Dark Brotherhood?

SuperBeast8112285d ago

Yeah we kinda all figured that out by now.......

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