Crysis 3 - First Footage Coming This Thursday

DSOGaming writes: "Admit it, you were a little bit disappointed with Crysis 3′s announcement. Although we got some details and screenshots/artworks, most of us were expecting to see this bad boy in action. Well, good news everyone as the first footage from it will be unveiled this Thursday."

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Crazyglues2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Why didn't these idiots just release the trailer on Monday when they announced the dam game... -I mean really, what is with all this milking it..

As a Gamer this type of stuff pisses me off, clearly the trailer has been done, if your going to release it Thursday that means you could have just showed it Monday, but you decided to drag it out.. -to try and keep the buzz going..LAME!!!

If the game is good you don't need to milk it (and this goes to all game companies) just show the trailer -and if it's really good just show actual Game-play...

companies doing it right- Bioshock Infinite -see how they just show actually Game-play -no teasing, that's how you do it, make an amazing game -above all else- and save the marketing gimmicks.. they don't work

Gamers are not Stupid!

Don't hype your game up like it's super hot only to disappoint gamers later.. Just show the Game. -when you do it like this you make expectation go through the roof..
-and in Gaming that's a recipe for disaster


PiccoloGR2434d ago

Exclusivity deals with GT.TV I guess. Sucks, I know :(

Shaman2434d ago

Its just a couple days after announcement dude...I mean, you have companies like R* who announce project and don't give info for couple years. Crytek released couple screens and info, and after 2-3 days you get footage because of their deal with Spike TV.

chukamachine2434d ago

You meant valve. Who have left people hanging for any info on HL3.

Why show a video of crysis3 if it's not coming to next year anyway.

h311rais3r2434d ago

It makes sense what he's saying. More gamers would rather see early alpha footage and watch it develop rather than rendered screens. I remember back in 06 seeing unrendered halo 3 footage and it made me excited. Just showing elements in progress gets the game crowd more excited rather than tidbits of info anyone would guess.

Tyre2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

@Crazyglues You're action is irrational and dramatic, this stuff happens everytime. Why attack Crytek about it? Because it is the new fashion. Oh dude you're so cool. @Shaman you're absolutely right.

Orpheus2434d ago

I wish Metro Last Light comes after Crysis 3, cause the ppl at 4A/ Metro developers are opting for the best graphics while those at Crytek are opting for a set standard , no matter how high that standard is , they are not trying to push the best visuals and thus if Metro Last Light releases after Crysis 3 , it is nearly certain they will release their baby with higher visual fidelity than their Crytek brethren.

Crazyglues2434d ago

Nah Metro Last Light is looking like it's going to be dead in the water, THQ is in big trouble and if they get de-listed off the Nasdaq then their done.

Sad too because the game was looking amazing, Graphics in the trailer looked awesome.. I was really excited to play that game, but I don't think THQ will even be around -Looks like the company is going to fold.


Mrmagnumman3572434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Haha, yeah right... I will get to play Metro last light on my pc... or ELSE!

On another note, im dying to see this trailer.

Orpheus2434d ago

I just asked their official facebook page ... they said its coming in Q1 2013 .....