Double Trouble in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Check out some new tag combos from the latest in Namco's long-running fighting series.

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Jreca2281d ago

Prepare for trouble...

Horny2281d ago

...and make it double

Tonester9252281d ago

To protect the world from devastation.

Afirmitive2281d ago

To unite all people within our nation

Horny2281d ago

To denounce the evil of truth and love

tarbis2281d ago

And September is soooo far away.... T_T

Gran Touring2281d ago

Ooooh i cant wait for this game!

MANGLORD2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Tekken has always been king IMO. TTT2 will be the best fighter ever. Been waiting sooo long for this.

aDDicteD2281d ago

cant wait for this one!