Welcome to the new Tekken Fight Lab

Get your first look at Tekken's new training mode featuring Combot.

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Afterlife2353d ago

The button mashing part is stupid. I hope this mode is a comprehensive tutorial and not bare bones and basic.

ChrisW2353d ago

Button mashing is what Tekken is all about... that is, unless you've memorized and can perfectly execute all of the ridiculous, take 75% of one's life, 20+ button combos.

Which is why I loathe Tekken.

Gran Touring2352d ago

If you loathe tekken then why are you commenting on this page?

ChrisW2352d ago

"If you loathe tekken then why are you commenting on this page?"

Let's think long and hard about this one...

tarbis2353d ago

Yeah, they should just remove that.

Any game can be a button mash if you don't even have the slightest clue to what you are doing or even playing.

kingPoS2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I'm all for the fight lab in TTT2. In addition to that I hear
that you can customize a moveset.
I'm sure they'll be interesting comparisons to SFxT when TTT2 comes out.