Worldwide Chartz for Week Ending Jan 5th, 2008 (Not including Japan yet)

VGChartz reports, the total hardware sales in the American and European/Other regions are as follows:

Total: (Not Including Japan)

DS: 508,273
Wii: 335,377
PS2: 195,584
PS3: 194,494
360: 193,343
PSP: 188,810

Breakdown as follows:


DS: 207,255
Wii: 188,589
PS3: 69,298
360: 104,427
PSP: 76,869


DS: 301,018
Wii: 146,788
PS3: 125,196
360: 88,916
PSP: 111,941


Japan Numbers now included:

DS: 304,844
Wii: 230,625
PSP: 195,582
PS3: 74,401
PS2: 32,317
360: 12,755

Overall Worldwide Total:

DS: 813,117
Wii: 566,002
PSP: 384,392
PS3: 268,895
PS2: 227,901
360: 206,098

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Meus Renaissance3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I know the NPD numbers will clear things up in relation to these numbers, but PlayStation 3 sales in North America are surprisingly poor. It's like a complete mirror opposite of Europe.

When the Japanese figures are included, which will be around 40,000 anyway, the PS3 would be continuing its trend of out selling the Xbox 360, this week, by around 40,000.

What do people think Sony need to do to cater to North America, and vice versa with Microsoft for Europe?

Cyrus3653968d ago

I don't think that surprising, PS3 is just more popular in Europe than it is America at this point.

I mean going by VGchartz, although not accurate, The European region has sold more PS3 total since inception (March 07) vs. the total sales in America (Since Nov 06). So it's sold more and faster, not to mention games over there sale better than it does in America. (Assassins Creed, Uncharted, Motorstorm, etc.)

SO I don't find it surprising Europe is proping up PS3 sales...

lonestarmt3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

games, really. Once those big flagship titles come out watch out. I have two friends that are waiting for ff 13 and MGS 4 before they buy one. However I don't think it will pass 360 in america in. Or in 08 anyway. Sony image, for whatever reason, has been tarnished in america.

DrPirate3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

1.2, Games, and the thing is, alot of 360 owners are happy owning a 360, and that alone offers no incentive to get a second console.

I don't think it's possible for Sony to "fix" their image of the console, but what they have to do is set an image for their titles. Bladestar (2 or so posts under me) is absolutely correct in his statement about developers making games for the crowds they wish to cater to.

Naturally, I speak on the behalf of North America, worldwide is a different situation. Is it possible for Sony to pull out of third place? Sure, it's also possible that pigs fly if you genetically alter them to grow wings. Sony has to get on top of it's game and push, push, push. They have this Blu-Ray thing changing their image a little, the momentum is starting, now they have to start pushing with that little momentum, and go,go,go.

I won't talk about the Wii, it is of my opinion (Having owned one and played one naturally), that it's not a gamers console, it's just a box that plays games for people who hate games. My opinion.

Sony has to send the message out that Killzone is THE fps of the next generation that HAS to be played. They have to send the message that their games MUST be experienced. If not, then there really is no hope, Microsoft has it's wheels spinning with such a momentum, it'll be tough for Sony to present an image where they'll look attractive unless they start bringing the spotlight to their games.

cmrbe3968d ago

NA for PS3 requires more high profile shooters. Europe for x360 needs more variety of games not just high profile shooters. X360 also needs to build up their profile in Europe as alot more Europeans associate gamining with the PS brand.

gaffyh3968d ago

360 only owners have no idea how good the PS3 is. I bought a 360 a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow I am sending it in because it can't read discs sometimes, it's soo good on the PS3 because it doesn't scratch discs and they always work, you don't get a stupid white screen telling you to "put this game in a 360 console", WTF THIS IS A 360 CONSOLE!!!!

I have not had one problem with my PS3, which makes you feel like playing it more. Every time I play my 360 I always wait for that stupid white screen, eject and clean disc try again etc. Then after 6 or 7 tries I just give up. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

LightningPS33968d ago

The reason PS3 isn't doing so well, is because it's just not the best gaming choice for gamers.

XBOX 360 right now has all the same games from third parties and even better exclusives, and it's even cheaper. It's a clean slate in favor of XBOX 360

The reason PS3 is outselling 360 in other parts of the world, is simply because of the playstation brand name.

To me that's a tribute to the brand name, if ever PS3 actually turned into the machine with the better games and better value, it would have great impact.

But right now Sadly, Sony is still pissing their brand name away, still charging for features gamers don't care about right now, like Blu ray especially.

hazeblaze3968d ago

Actually, if this trend continues, the PS3 is closing the gap w/ the 360 in NA. The games are continuing to impress audiences and it really is the best system to own in '08 with the number of high profile exclusives.

Regardless, it is continuing to outsell the 360 world wide now... so it will eventually surpass the 360 as well. Its main competition now is the Wii.

mikeslemonade3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Due to three factors the gap in America is closing. 1. Blu-ray winning 2. Games are coming 3. Price is closing and is similiar to 360's price. If you add Japan the PS3 would have like a 45,000 unit lead. And this is the PS3 with not as much quality games as 360 currently. For 08 the 360 will not have games as good as Bioshock or Halo 3 besides Gears. Whereas PS3 will have better games than Uncharted for 08.

lawman11083967d ago

No big deal right? the 360 OWNS that PS3 A$$ in the USA beioutch!`Here is a nice fresh batch of PS3's just sitting at a local Best Buy..Yeah, sales sure are looking up! hahahahahah

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Cyrus3653968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Basically it looks like this week, the difference between PS3 and 360 will be whatever the sales are in Japan (Which VGChartz is predicting for PS3 sales of 50 K - 70 K and for 360 8K to 12 K.)

So I'd say roughly 40K - 50K Difference between the two.

Also interesting to note, whatever Sales gain 360 makes in US, is neutralized by PS3 sales in Europe. Looks like Japan market between the two is alot more important than some like to give it credit.

Look at those PS2 sales, 8 years in and still selling well.

Bladestar3968d ago

well.. when you are just concidering rough numbers then yeah... but when you concider the type of market then no... for 3rd party developers it depends on the market... and numbers are important but depends on what context...

here is and example... PS3 installbase is a lot smaller than the xbox 360 worldwide yet means nothing to japanese depelopers targetting their games to japanese gamers... which is why square is more interested in making their games in japan than the US.

but put it the othe way around and to any game developer targetting the western market and wherever the PS3 sells in japan means crap since as we all know japanese gamers like a very specific kind of game.. and many western targetted game that sell like hot cakes in the US flop in japan.... see what I am talking about?

What's happening in japan is more important for those developers targetting that market.... what's happening the US is more important to those developers targetting western games... and as you saw in these numbers.. the US represents 50% of the entire game industry.... what happends in the US is very important to companies like EA... mmm... I wonder if EA cares what the installbase of the xbox 360 is in japan compared to the US when it comes to Madden...

Cyrus3653968d ago


Finally a good resposne. It's true obviously Square Enix, where it's own games sell the most in Japan, will obviously care that PS3 is selling better than 360 in the market that's most important to them.

And likewise for EA in America, and to a certain extent Europe (For titles like Fifa)...

Which is why, really all terrority are important, for various reasons, not one of these companies wants to be doing bad in any region (Talking about Sony, MSoft and Nintendo).

DrPirate3968d ago

Absolutely see your point Bladestar. I'll bubble you up, you don't deserve 2 bubbles.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3968d ago

how is SE more focused on japan when just recently they called the japanese core gamers week and before that talked about wanted to expand their market more towards the west. they were also looking for a US partner.

cmrbe3968d ago

But what sells in Japan generally sells alot to the rest of the world but generally not vice versa. Big publishers like EA don't just care about the US. Big publishers care about all regions if they intend to remain big. Its the reason why MS is still trying in Japan and i completely understand why. Anyways good comment. I encourage you to support your console in a non offensive manner just like now. Bubbles for you

The Wood3968d ago

ps3 fans wont be so defensive towards ya when you make comments like that. I know that you get coaxed into responding to 'some' peoples crap but comments that dont include 'sonnyfanboys' etc just make this site a little more palatable, bubble up (even though you openly do that yourself from time to time)

hazeblaze3968d ago

Because games aimed at the Japanese market sale well worldwide. And games aimed at Western audiences sell well in both the U.S. and Europe... either way you look at it, the PS3 will have the advantage in software sales as its userbase continues to grow. The advantage that the 360 has at the moment is a larger user base... but in light of 2008's software releases, I think that gap is going to get MUCH smaller this year even in the U.S.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3968d ago

umm Bladestar so your point is that developers care about the sale in their specific region only then and not others. If that was the case, then shouldn't devs. be making more high profile games for the Wii due to its popularity around the world and it week by week beating PS3 and 360?

Oh actually sorry never mind, I just realized you said they were targeting certain audiences. I failed to read that. My bad.

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i_like_ff73968d ago

assuming ps3 continues to outsell xbox 360 worldwide, i suppose they'll catch up in 09.

Meus Renaissance3968d ago

It'll be selling alot more once the games are released, and a price drop happens. I personally believe we'll see a bigger impact of price on Sony's console than Microsoft in terms of sales. It'll appeal to the PS2 userbase, without a shadow of a doubt.

Although I'm just as interested with how the Xbox will sell this year, I'd like to see whether or not it stutters and just appeals to the previous Xbox userbase, or whether or not it can attract that PS2 userbase away from Sony.

Bladestar3968d ago

catch up? did you see how sells are dropping now that we are past xmass? did you bother using a calculator to determine how long that would take at this rate and how many consoles the PS3 needs to sell to do that?

harpua3968d ago

"did you see how sells are dropping now that we are past xmass?"

gee gosh golly, who would of ever predicted sales dropping after xmas. that has never happened before. [es]

IntelligentAj3968d ago

I firmly believe that no one expected the holiday sales to stay the same for the PS3. To do so would have been extremely foolish and blind. That being said the sales are still higher than the 360 and that's what matter when trying to catch up. I don't think it'll happen this year but 09 might be different.

Shaka2K63968d ago

The poor xbots shouldnt expect this to change ever, the x3rd60 is done with the huge dissapoinment halo 2.1 that failed to deliver on the mega hype it got.

x3rd60 has nothing for 2008 but a bad PC port alan wake and they would be so lucky if that game is released this year.

PS3 on the other hand will drop the best games yet, 2008 PS3 line up is like nothing we have ever seen in gaming history.

lawman11083967d ago

The 360 would have to stop selling at all to give it a chance in the USA and that is not going to happen. Price drop? when GTA4 comes out the 360 is going to drop around $100 bucks and the PS3 with it's BR palyer can NOT afford to do that.

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HarryEtTubMan3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

PS3 just needs games in the U.S. and to lower the price so its at least not 150$ more expensive... LOL its still beating the 360 already though... so funny... the 360 is never going to beat the PS3.

have no preference between PS3 and 360 but I do think that 'holding its own' is actually disappointing for the 360.

"It has a one year start, large (and arguably better) library of games - yet it can only match a console that's been in market half the time, has less games and got savaged for price points and changing SKUs during its single year on the market?(at a 150$ CHEAPER price)

That's not good enough. 360 should be outselling PS3 as it does in US with that headstart - not managing to draw. If I was MS I'd be worried at what this implies for Others for PS3 vs 360 sales.

MS were just beating gong about third party developers prefering 360 due to higher sales - that's not going to hold true if the reality is the 360 has better sales in US and PS3 in Others."

Imagine by the end of 2008 and even better, 2009. haha
PS3 is going to catch up in the U.S. also... no games have released to really make people take notice... people are waiting and anticipating. PS3 is coming.

lonestarmt3968d ago

so according to VG chartes ps3 out sold 360 worldwide and they haven't counted Japan yet? interesting. Thats what five weeks in a row PS3 wins worldwide? Didn't think that would happen, but just look n4g, ps3 is slowly turning the corner. Still has work in NA though.

diatom3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

So more total consoles sell in Europe and our currency is 1.5 times as strong as the dollar so Console makers make 1.5 times as much on every sale (relative to the dollar)... Not even including Japan...

How is making more money then the other guy not winning?