Dear Publishers, The Call Of Duty "Audience" Doesn't Care About Other Games

Activision's Call of Duty games cater to a vast and dedicated audience, but are other publishers just hurting themselves by trying to replicate Activision's success with their own games? GP contributing writer Jared investigates why this might actually be the case.

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GraveLord2430d ago

Yes, I do care about other games.
COD is just the best shooter out there for me and millions of others.

Give me something better, I'll switch over.

Crystallish2430d ago

i also played CoD for a couple of Months, while purchasing other games.

BUT, i really do click on Profiles often to see (as silly as it sounds) how many trophies the random Guys that play in my teams have owned, and from the newb to the pro, i've seen countless fella's who really only touched CoD and maybe 1-2 other games.

And i also know people in person who only play Call of Duty, and just veeeery rarely, one or two other games that catch their attention, but "some" (if not the majority) really invests the few hours left for gaming into CoD, instead of trial and error with other games.

WetN00dle692430d ago

LMFAO!!! Seriously COD the best shooter.... Seems to me like you have never played Counter-Strike my friend. And by the way BF3 is leaps and bounds better than COD.

TekoIie2430d ago

Oh i know i too enjoy BF3's input lag and audio issues when it released on PS3. Ended up waiting months to find a good deal on Ebay to get it on 360 so that it would play "perfectly" compared to the ps3 counterpart...

Also about counter strike, there's only so much i can play that. Everyone's gotta move on eventually and so far nothings worth moving on from COD for most people.

Also notice gravelords wording??? "COD is just the best shooter out there for ME" therefore implying that its his opinion.

BertlSenix2429d ago

[email protected] Console BF3

DICE isn't the avarege dev that screws PC over for weak console hardware.

BF3 PC Version on Ultra Settings is the only version that counts.
Console versions were made for easy money.
DICE has the MP that people brings to buy Hardware and play on Ultra Settings....They are not in need for lame consoles.

Everyone who has an opinion about BF3 without playing the PC Version on Ultra Settings has no clue.
BF3 is the best FPS in this Gen - Alone cause it already looks like a Next Gen game and plays a lot better than CoD aka every map combined isn't as big as one BF3 map xD

TekoIie2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )


I think you'll find that it IS the console owners opinion that counts. You should go see what percentage of the sales were on PC (hint: PC is in 3rd place). I think that based on that BF3 would had flopped if it were a PC exclusive.

Also notice how Sony got timed exclusive on DLC? Yeh DICE and EA totally love you guys... Retail games make the most money on console so be thankful that we funded your favourite game or stop trolling.

FragGen2430d ago

I play COD daily. I also play several other PS3/X360 games regularly and just bought a Vita. So, in reference to the original article: whatever <shrugs>.

Tapioca Cold2430d ago

I would take your tags in Battlefield.

Outside_ofthe_Box2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

***"COD is just the best shooter out there for me and millions of others.

Give me something better, I'll switch over."***

Ah, you see you proved it right there. Sure you care about other games, but the fact is you and millions of others THINK that CoD is THE BEST shooter out and will stick to it until YOU find a game that YOU THINK is better than CoD.

BUT do you see the problem with that? That is kind of contradicting. It's almost impossible to get people to think that some new shooter is better than CoD when those same people think that CoD is the best FPS out so it essentially appears that CoD players will always stick to playing CoD. If publishers force developers to make a CoD clone, CoD players would see no reason to play a CoD carbon copy. If publishers let developers make their own unique shooter CoD players will see CoD as having the best controls so they see no reason to play that game.

So in the end, there is no reason to try to cater to the CoD crowd because they will always stick to playing CoD. That is something publishers need to undertand.

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Gamer-Z2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Its true, why would somebody buy a game trying to be like COD when they can just buy COD.

thorstein2430d ago

That's why I can't wait for Dust 514. It is a shooter but not like this at all. I like COD MW games, but I do find that the MP experience seems a bit meaningless. When I want meaningless fun, I will play it but with Dust the wins actually matter. It affects the games environs.

snipes1012429d ago

Yea all of these publishers trying to get a piece of CoD's pie are just fooling themselves. Rather than trying to be LIKE CoD, they should be totally UNLIKE it.

That's how CoD got so popular in the first place, in case people forgot. The perk and rank system weren't really offered in any other games when it came out; therefore distinguishing itself from the crowd and getting shine.

For someone to take CoD's throne at this point, they will have to give gamers something new, not simply a clone or something "better." It won't matter if it's better if it's not different enough.

Crystallish2430d ago

Is it just me, or is this actually an "Opinion" on N4G that isnt just a silly attempt to whore for some attention, but instead FINALLY something that makes a little bit of sense?

great read.

BattleTorn2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Trust me, I don't like hating Call of Duty. I'd much rather treat the game like any other title I don't care for - and just not pay attention to it.

But as a shooter fan, and as a gamer who has played shooters from the beginning of Call of Duty, (and a little before then) I feel as though it's my duty (heh! no pun intended) that I actively degrade Call of Duty for what its' become.

There's been a lot of features of innovation (ie. vehicles, large maps) that COD brought into its' game. But sadly they were weaned out of being part of the games' "core aspects" within the last few installments.


TekoIie2430d ago

Yup, very good read.

Hopefully sends a message to EA and their wannabe COD's (crysis and MOH 2010). If you've played the MP for either you know how much they borrow from COD.

CanadianTurtle2430d ago

Well to be honest, people have the right to speak if they have something meaningful to say. Maybe they have no friends in real life, so they have to resort to putting it on the internet so people can hear their voice. Just my guess.

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Siren302430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I wish developers felt this way. Why would I choose a cod clone over cod? I have been waiting along time for someone to come along and rework the fps multiplayer experience like it was with call of duty 4. I have hopes with games like homefront, medal of honor, and bf3 just to name a few but they all came up short. I really enjoyed the bad company series but felt that bf3 was a step back. Medal of honor and homefront felt rushed to me

TopDudeMan2430d ago

I play a bit of call of duty. And I also buy a new game almost every other week. I don't care about many other shooters, though.

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