First look at the “nasne” device for the PS3, PS Vita and other Sony products

The first images have been revealed for Sony Computer Entertainment’s “nasne,” a “networked recorder and media storage device” that can connect to the Playstation 3, PS Vita and other Sony products.

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Tired1778d ago

It's an ok idea and I'm glad to see Sony branching out but I can't help feel it's too little.

500g? That's nothing...I'm not sure people will pay so much for so little, Or if the market is big enough for it.

I already have cable with a 1TB Tivo box. And a 2TB NAS attached to the network. Sony are about 2 years too late for me at least.

Maybe they will fair better in the fledgling markets, but I cant think of anyone I know who doesn't have a similar set-up to my own.

yewles11778d ago

This is primarily for streaming content to multiple devices simultaneously, mainly a PS3, PSVita and VAIO PC. You can't really stream TiVo content to a PS3 w/o streaming it to a PC first, creating a daisy chain from hell.

Tired1778d ago

Ok, granted. But my NAS streams to my ps3, laptop, tablet and phone. Whilst my Tivo box records however many programs simultaneously.

Speaking off daisy chains, we have two ps3's, a nas, a desktop, laptop all wired through a gig switch. Any .mkv is taken from the nas, transcoded then viewed on the ps3. It's not that bad. And at least the wires are hidden.

It's a great device...but I'm not sure it'll be the next big thing. I've had all those bases covered for a couple of years now. Most people I know do but Maybe there's enough people who don't.

I'd like to see some serious innovation from Sony. Something cool and 'MUST OWN!'

NewMonday1778d ago

a good device idea that many would really want is box that can stream everything over the whole house.

plug a PS3, 360, PC, cable, satellite TV, internet into it and it will deliver content multi-channeled to every room, it should also be able to send and receive data between devices as a middle man with a simple drag and drop interface

NukaCola1777d ago

Is this what TORNE for PS3 is like? I thought it was an AppleTV meets TiVo device that hooked to your PS3. Also gave trophies too.

morganfell1777d ago

"2 years too late for me at least"

You are missing the fact that by instituting this now Sony will gain a wealth of experience and feedback. Not just from people like you that refuse to buy it but from people that actually do pick one up.

When Sony institutes this next gen it will have the kind of leg up that is only possible from actual market entry.

Otherwise Sony would be stuck with the kind of half value research that exists on paper and the comments of people that not only didn't buy a non-existent device but neither did they get everything exactly the way they wanted it with their name engraved on it, in gold, a luxury home, maid service for life, and a never aging supermodel nuclear physicist girlfriend...yesterday.

metsgaming1777d ago

so let me see if i can get this straight. You can connect it to a set top box and it can stream the cable over the wifi and you can watch it on a vita? If so can someone else watch something else on the tv while this is going on or does it have to be on the same program/recording? If so i would be interested if the price is right =)

nix1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


jeseth1777d ago

Sometimes when you sit back and look at what we complain about you realize how lazy and convenient our lives are.

Thats all I could think about while reading hawks issues with this device.

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yewles11778d ago

Considering it's Japan only, AND that it's created by SCE, I REALLY don't think this was meant for anything other than another PlayStation accessory for a market that CAN accept this, considering Torne is still in the market and all...

danny8181777d ago

Yewles1 !!!
im a fan of ur youtube vids bro!!!

andibandit1777d ago

Ok, better start making plans to move to Japan then.....

dcbronco1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )


Considering next generation consoles will most likely be able to record I believe this is too late too also. The next Xbox will surely be a cable box like the 360 but with the added function of recording games and live TV. This seems like a unnecessary expense. It would have been better a couple of years ago.

Sucitta1777d ago

not sure if this will happen but it would be a welcomed addition = )

WeskerChildReborned1777d ago

Let's just hope that next gen consoles come with a built in recorder. I think it'll be sweet if it did.

mcstorm1777d ago

I don't see the next xbox and PS4 having a built in tv function. as no country is the same and all offer different services for example here in the UK we have SKY Virgin Media BTVision Talktalk TV FreeSat and freeview. I see Sony offering another freeview box like the I see them all talking to the big names from each country and having IPTV as they don't need different hardware to do this as it can be done via software like bbci player Netflix skyplayer ect is done now in the UK.

I do think this box is a little late though as people can pickup storage that can do all of this with the ps3 and 360 with bigger drives ect. For me im going to carry on using my Windows Home server 2o11 as I have over 4TB of Video and Music content and this is the best way for me to be able to manage, Backup and use and different devices and at the same time.

dcbronco1773d ago

Storm the 360 has live tv function. You believe they will remove it next gen. Not going to happen. MS tried to go directly to content holders but had to settle for using cable operators. MS will eventually get direct content. And they hired their own writers years ago for exclusive content.

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1777d ago
xAlmostPro1777d ago

They should have doubled this up to allow game capture(that saves directly) also, would have been pretty sweet.. suppose that's a minority userbase in comparison though

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MasterA1777d ago

Where does this fit with PlayTV and torne?

MySwordIsHeavenly1777d ago

I honestly have NO idea what this thing does...

Even after reading the article, I'm completely confused.

SuperStrokey11231777d ago

you and me both... it just records TV?

xAlmostPro1777d ago

It doesn't just 'record'..

It allows the devices to watch digital TV also(sort of like a freeview box) and record.

The recorded files or whats currently being watched can then be streamed to multiple devices, either at once or something recorded via ps3 will be accessible via other sony devices via app software.


MySwordIsHeavenly1777d ago


Which channels does it get?

The_Devil_Hunter1777d ago

Haha I read as well and I the read the below comment to see if it gave more info but I still find it rather it free tv for PS3 and Vita?


Soldierone1777d ago

I don't understand it either. I want to, but can't.

From what I'm getting its a box for satellite TV etc...but isn't free? But unlike your standard box, this can record AND stream it to all devices?

Godmars2901777d ago

Where is the GoogleTV equivalent of this damnit!

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