Ninja Pack 2 DLC screens revealed for Ninja Gaiden 3

Several new screenshots, showcasing the Ninja Pack 2 DLC pack, have been revealed by Tecmo Koei Games for their recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Ninja Gaiden 3.

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Grimhammer002430d ago

Wait! Wasn't the great scythe supposed to be free?

Man...I'm so bummed by this fun action game; horrible NG game.

andron2430d ago

If it's like the claws, then it's free for the single player campaign, but if you want to use it in mp or trials you'll have to buy it. Bum deal anyway. it should have been in the game from the start...

Darrius Cole2430d ago

What a way to ruin a game. Interest in this game is almost all gone. Ninja Gaiden articles barely get more than 10 comments now.

Rhezin2430d ago

I'll wait for the spiritual successor...aka any new game that Itagaki is apart of.