Mass Effect 3's True Ending DLC Was Never Supposed To Be Free?

Gaming Blend "...much like what Square-Enix did with Final Fantasy XIII-2 or what Capcom did with Asura's Wrath, leaving the game rather hazy at the very end and then later announcing that the "True Ending" would be available for $6.99, EA and BioWare would have done something similar had the backlash not been as cantankerous over so many aspects of Mass Effect 3."

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Baka-akaB2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Was always obvious imo . Wich is why the "dont change it it's art / Stop whining babies" police was ridiculous .

VanillaBear2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Exactly, if we didn't complain then they would of still done an extended ending....the only difference is we would of had to pay.

Us "whiners"/"cryb abies" are the reason why everyone, INCLUDING the "dont change it it's art / Stop whining babies" police" are getting it for free.

See this kind of thing does make a difference, imagine what people could accomplish against someone like Capcom, Square Enix or Activision.

I still think they had this planned from the start except they didn't expect the uproar and people speaking out about the ending. I think the ending is finished and all they are doing now untill it's "Summer Release" is polishing it a bit more, if they release it now people would know they have held it back so they've had to put it off untill the start of Summer.

da_2pacalypse2409d ago

I doubt Bioware will be releasing the real extended ending. If anything they're going to just make clarifications in the ending... and then release the real ending for a fee... I wouldn't put it past Bioware/EA -_- Money-hungry douchebags...

SilentNegotiator2409d ago

Good thing us "entitled whiners" didn't sit by.

Game4life2408d ago

you mase effect 3 gamers arent entitled to anything. You get what you pay for. Same can be said about other games. You dont like how the game ends well whos problem is that? Its your problem not EAs and biowares

Sano642408d ago

I think it was finished when the game went gold and the only reason it was not disk based DLC is because they couldn't squeeze it all onto a 360 disc

SegataShanshiro2408d ago

Can you explain to the meaning of "Would of" please?

vega2752408d ago

I just want to thank all the gamers who complained loud enough so these company understand we had enough. I just wish we were more unified when it comes to these companies try to rip of off.

Thank you all

Bleucrunch2408d ago

@Cy-wolf your statement clearly shows you have no concept of supply and demand and could never truly be a business man. It's not like only one person didn't like the ending, it was a VAST majority who thought that they ending was terrible and now we come to find out they were going to SELL us an extended ending...if you can't see the fraudulent behavior by Bioware/EA then you are as delusional as your comment. Furthermore to suggest that we pay for what we get well that would only apply if we knew that the ending was going to be terrible, would anyone have bought the game if they knew this ahead of time HELL NO!!! because we did not think that Bioware would do this to the franchise they worked so hard on...But I guess we as gamers need to also realize that Bioware is owned by EA and they have the final say in the matter and because we know how EA is with the BS that they vomit to us the gamers this should not be a surprise.

Game4life2408d ago

@streak I know people dont like the ending. I haven't played mass effect myself since the first one (didnt really like it)I wasnt implying that you knew that the ending would be bad or anything.I was implying that it was your own choice as a consumer to buy a game that (more than likely) was overhyped. You can complain to a company but the way i see it, the game shouldn't be changed just because fans get upset about how bafd the ending was. Thats like saying I should go and get an army of people, go down to square enix and demand that they change the ending of Fial fantasy 13-2 because it was so bad ( basically put you right back where you started) howev er at the same time, it would not surprise me if bioware was holding out on gamners anyway just because they wanted to make abunch of dlc for story.They do love putting out dlc if you know what i mean.

Oh btw i know more about business than you think. This has nothing to do with business to me and more to do ith people just getting pissed.

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TekoIie2409d ago


Lol you enforcing the conspiracy???

Christopher2409d ago

So, screw entitled gamers? Or is anyone going to thank them now?

Nimblest-Assassin2409d ago

Well this is disheartening. Here I am protecting artistic integrity, saying that everyone is entitled to it, believing in the indoc theory, hoping bioware would explain this ending, rather than lots of speculations from everyone. Only to have the truth explained... The ending was incomplete. Was ea willing to degrade one of this gens best franchises, in an attempt to make money? To make the gamer pay for the answers they deserved after5 years? So much was cut from me3.... And I believed them when they said they couldn't make it work? I'm an idiot... This can not be artistic integrity... This is bullsh*t. Vanilla sorry for my ignorance. I was a fool, this was not the true ending. The amount of care Bioware put into the 2.9 games only to screw it up in ten minutes? I thought there was some hidden message.... I'm such an idiot. Ea wanted to screw us again.... And the fact that bioware let them is extremely disheartening... I'm sorry to all those I argued with. I was so stupid.

cjflora2409d ago

Actually, I disagree. While the end result was free DLC, the real outcry should be with these business practices. Gamers shouldn't be crying about the ending of a game with the intent of changing the ending if the intended ending was the creative result. Nobody knew that a planned paid DLC was being released in the future, they were just mad that they didn't like the ending that they got. The only thing this resulted in was them taking DLC that they had already planned to release, and change it from paid to free in order to appease the angry gamers. This won't discourage them from using the same business practice in the future. If we gamers made as much fuss about this type of business practice as we did about the ME3 ending it would show these company's that we won't put up with this business model.

Baka-akaB2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

There is no actual proof , but everything points toward the current ending being done for other reasons that artistic choices , but instead greed and leaks .

Hell this isnt some court , we dont need proofs , the suspicion alone is as good as anything . It's not as if Bioware had no issue shoving the last protean alive as something rather minor , and optional dlc , and wasnt caught lying before about the way that dlc was born and handled .

Among plenty other and too many little lies .

cjflora2408d ago

Right, but was anyone mad at them for creating a bad ending with the intention of releasing paid DLC? No, they were just mad that there was a bad ending. I'm just saying that if we made just as big of a fuss over this business practice as people made over the disliked ending...maybe it would make them rethink things? People are constantly complaining about how BS it is that these companies are doing DLC the way they do, but there is never a serious outcry about it. However if someone doesn't like the ending of a game they are more than willing to make a big deal about it. Just seems to me that this outrage could be redirected to more useful purposes.

ginsunuva2408d ago

What else besides ending extensions would they have to sell as dlc after a game that's the end of a storyline?

showtimefolks2408d ago

i really want to know how bioware feels about all of this mess? They were a very respected developer and cared about their fanbase. EA buying them turn evil? EA buying Mercenary developer and turning them into crap also EA's fault?

i think ea is not the best publisher but some of these developers also should have some balls to stand up for their fanbase

Baka-akaB2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I dont buy the "it's EA' fault argument" , they have always seemed to have much more power , leeway and freedom than other studios at EA .

And even so there are ways to handle pressure from above . It's unlikely some number crunching exec came along and told them " you need to take the prothean and make it a dlc" ... there are loads of crap they could have invented as a dlc characters or mission .

Hell EA would most likely instead have told them to bring back one or all , of the missing playable chars from me1-2 as dlcs . It would give them even more money .

At most they were probably given instructions to include post end dlcs and a mulitplayer , none of wich should be having a negative effect on the game

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joab7772409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

So now the bashing starts becauae dlc was supposed to be free. Wow. So was the multi ...and i would have bought it. Unlike asuras wrath, i actually don't mind supporting bioware for a phenomena trilogy and my favorite multilateral in quite some time.

A note to Irrational. Mass effect and bioshock were my favorite world's and characters from this gen. Bioware did an amazing job with it's multiplayer. I'd love to have a similar feature in Infinite. I wish bioshock 2 had done co op instead of competitive...killing endless big daddy's and sisters and splicers...hell ya!

VanillaBear2409d ago

Co-op....even online does not belong in Bioshock

It's a great single player dtory driven game...the sequel felt dumbed down because they wasted their time on the crappy online.

Hell even ME is one I wish they never added the online to, it was tacked on and gets repeative fast. It saddens me they wasted more manpower on the online then the games ending especialy when they had to rewrite it.

Bioshock, along with other single player games like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Half life for example should NEVER have co-op/multiplayer, I mean can't we all just enjoy the way those types of games are suppose to be...amazing single player experiences.

vallencer2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I would personally love the option to play with a friend of mine in an elder scrolls game though. I understand your point and agree for the most part but wouldn't you be excited to have at least one of your friends join you on an epic quest?? All the other games though I completely agree.

VanillaBear2409d ago

Not really.....I see my friends every so often, I play with them here and there on Uncharted 3/Battlefield 3/Resistance 3....playing a great single player game like the Elder Scrolls lets me escape to this massive fanatsy world away from reality, perfect if things are stressing you out or if you need to relax.....the last thing I would want is my friends making thier mouth go on the mic or crashing my game while I play an Elder Scroll game

Besides think about it's Bethesda, there will ALWAYS be bugs in their games because by the time the next Elder Scrolls game is out they would of used a differen't engine (maybe next gen will be differen't, who knows) so new bugs will have taken the old bugs (which they've fixed) place.

Imagine what it would be like if they wasted time on co-op features, it would dumb down the single player, something which Bethesda have even said.....AND YET theres some people who would still want it in the game. Why ruin the single player just so you can do a few quests with a friend, show off your "new" sword/armor or mess around with them.

Lets not forget that there would also be the equal amount of bugs for the co-op which would make Bethesda focus on the co-op bugs instead of the single player ones.

The thing is though, you, like many others will think it's "exciting" but won't think about this kind of thing long term. It will get boring fast, you and your friends will move on to a proper "co-op" implemented game and the single player gamers will suffer because the game will feed dumbed down because less time was spent on the single player development

Unbornkirkster192409d ago

Honestly, with the way that Bioshocks story was rooted, multiplayer seemed like a fairly good and interesting idea. I mean they do talk about two factions fighting over each other inside the city..
I also believe that Bioshock 2 had a better single player than the original, after you "kindly kill" you know who, the story just became too strected out in a poor manner

vallencer2409d ago


I said the option would be nice. And it would in no way ruin your experience if they decided to add co op in elder scrolls. Hell they could make the main story single player only and the rest co op and I would be fine with that. Just the option would be nice that's all im saying.

joab7772406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I agree with your premise but respectfully disagree about mass effect and bioshock. I thought bioshock 2 was better in every way excpet story (though it was pretty damn good) and the ability to introduce a new setting, hence columbia. And i coud never get enough of rapture. I liked the multiplayer but it didn't grab me. I believe it was nastalgia that had me playing. What mass effect 3 did i thought was brilliant. It could have only been better with some story for the characters. It didn't attempt competitive...great move. But it highlights the brilliance of their enemies and the different layers in each. The co op allows for teamwork, strategy, and run and gun with the different difficulties. The 20 cap was great with all the different characters you can use, it promotes using different ones. The tie in with the game is cool but more could have been done. Halo 4's idea would have worked nice because it's all the different characters that we have fallen in love with that take center stage. Different events each weekend has been great. U get to see different locales, hopefully they add some from prior games. The citadel would be nice too. And the packs are perfect, harkening back to the good old days of saving just enough money to get a pack of upperdeck cards to c if u got david Robinson's rookie card. It is very addictive.

But, like i said, it's all about the characters and the universe i love. This is a great way to continue it. Unlike other multiplayers, people are in love with the characters in this game. There is history and it shows. Bioshock would do well to follow suit, allowing a continuance of time with the characters in columbia. And, u r right, most companies would be better served ignoring multiplayer and i worried about bioware. The difference is that bioware and irrational are triple A companies that know how to make games without allowing their main focus to suffer. If it did, they would axe it. But bioware proved it could be done and i am very thankful for that. Now, to save up for a ressurgence pack, i know I'll get that geth infiltrator this time...i just know i will.

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kevnb2409d ago

what world do you live in?

RememberThe3572409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Every time I think EA is headed in the right direction they go and f*ck it up. Every single thing they do is to be slick and squeeze as much money out of you as they can, it's f*ckin pathetic. At least Activition doesn't try to hind it.

But now that I think a little more about it this is good. It means that at least this time EA backed off. Fans got pissed and EA listened. I'd like to see this more in the industry, it feel like a lot of DLC is getting shoved down our throats now days.

vortis2409d ago

The EA Police disagreed with you...better lock your doors, close your windows and hide your wallet.

Imalwaysright2409d ago

" I'd like to see this more in the industry" Me too but we would be called whiners by half the community, even though we're just fighting for our rights as consumers and standing against an a abusive industry.

glennco2408d ago

what would ever make you think EA have changed their ways? all they ever do is reinforce their DLC position. look at tiger woods and the heap of courses released for DLC before the game even came out. you would think in buying a golf game you would get all the course currently available.

Simon_Brezhnev2409d ago

I wish capcom fans was this passionate. They could had gotten so much free DLC.

pbasson2409d ago

we rather boycott all their stuff free game & DLC. fuk em

devilmaydance2409d ago

This article title is very misleading. The argument is based purely on speculation by the author and doesn't offer any proof. Just saying.

TekoIie2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

yeh it actually doesnt really say specifically or offer any proof that the extended cut was going to be "sold" as a normal DLC pack.

Also i love how people above me are trying to take "credit" for saving me 320 ms points. thats maybe £2-3 in the UK and it adds a bit more playability for that price (if it had been properly released for that price then it wasnt a bad deal). Sure we all hate the ending, but trying to say EA planned this and make a conspiracy out of it all is plain childish...

Legend2409d ago

Exactly. Pure speculation.

ziggurcat2409d ago

this is actually the 4th article in about 2 weeks by the same author s******g out baseless conjecture concerning EA.

it started with the RME funding drive being shut down by child's play while EA's funding drive last xmas was allowed (the argument was that penny arcade/child's play was being hyprocritical), followed by a related article claiming EA didn't have permission from child's play for their funding drive - citing a *reddit* (you know, that 100% reliable source that all the news agencies use when reporting on a story?) thread that had someone (who could have very well been trolling) posing as jamie dillion, and ending off the week with an article claiming EA was manufacturing a same-sex debate over their star wars MMO without offering an ounce of proof.

so yeah... this guy is the glenn beck of gaming journalism.

sjaakiejj2408d ago

Sounds like he's out on a personal vendetta against EA. I feel sorry for the guy...

HunterRose2408d ago

I don't know whether that's an insult to Glenn Beck or William Usher.

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