Captivate 2012: Devil May Cry - Ninja Theory reveal Dante's secrets

Dante may have a different hair colour, he may be slightly younger, but rest assured the cocky attitude and insane fighting style of the Devil May Cry franchise that we’ve grown accustomed to are still the same. We got the chance to learn a bit more about the new DmC game, and a few of Dante’s secrets, at the recent Captivate event during a presentation given by Capcom’s Alex Jones and Hideaki Itsuno as well as Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades.

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ritsuka6662436d ago

This game gets more lulzy with each bit of news. lmao

Ingram2435d ago

Tameem Antoniades: Please stop behaving like britney spears.
This is Videogames, a serious medium goddammit.