Building Oceana: The Verge’s Minecraft Pyramid – Week One

N writes: I love that technology works. I don’t necessarily need to know how it does so at the silicon or mechanical level, I just find find these elaborate contraptions remarkable. I love schematics, drawings, maps of all shapes and sizes. Some of my favorite technologies are those that go behind megastructures: the true demonstration of man’s power over nature. Whether dams, cruise liners, or the Burj Khalifa, the sight of these coming together in deliberately planned phases is awe-inspiring. (Yeah, I watched TLC a lot before it became the Trading Spaces channel.) So when the opportunity arose to take my favorite game of the past five years and work with dozens of people to construct such a massive project, namely the Oceana Mega-City Pyramid, I took it up quick. As project lead on Oceana, it’s fair to say I’ve lost more than a few winks of sleep putting it together, but when it’s finished… well, the project already speaks for itself. So what did we accomplish in one week? Let me show you.

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