Play Fallout 3 before anybody else does

From the Bethesda Blog:

"We're hiring for testers in our Quality Assurance department! We tend to favor candidates with programming experience but most importantly, we want people who are fans of our games. Why would you want to work in our QA dept? I'll give you two reasons. 1. We use our QA testers as interns throughout the year. These interns are typically among our top testers, and they sit with the development team, attend meetings, and work on our games directly. So if you kick major ass as a tester here, there is a good chance you'll be a candidate for one of those intern slots.

2. When we have a job opening on the development team, we look internally first to fill them, so our QA dept gets an inside advantage."

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Gazman3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

And be hated and envied by all the fallout fans at the same time.

Really cant wait for this one, I still play around with 1 and 2 every now and then, I just hope they try and keep the manual the same they were one of the best manuals I have ever seen.

Relcom3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I just hope they keep the humor.

Shaka2K63393d ago

Hope its good like fallout 2.

micro_invader3393d ago

This is Mk_red's calling! :)

MK_Red3392d ago

True :)
But I can't. I'll envy those that can to death though ;)

Skerj3393d ago

Hah they forgot to add the part that you'll hate Fallout 3 so much by the time it's released.

MK_Red3392d ago

It maybe true for some due to enjoyment killing bugs and stuff but hey, I did enjoy insanely buggy RPGs like Temple of Elemental Evil and Vampire Bloodlines (From Troika, the now disbanded team consisting of some Fallout 2 devs :) ).

Skerj3392d ago

Yeah CCP and White Wolf merged now, so the Vampire/World of Darkness license is being used to make a MMO. If it's like a massive Bloodlines then I'm in.

MK_Red3392d ago

Superb find. Wish I could join :(
I wanna get back to wastelands NOW! (At least there is a expansion for Fallout 2).