LBP: Playstation presentation

Our (the playstation blogs) stated goal of blogging from CES was to try and replicate some of the feel of the show for those of you who couldn't make it to Vegas. This video should help. Mere minutes ago, this LittleBigPlanet video debuted at the PlayStation presentation, so only a couple hundred people in the world have ever laid eyes on it.

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Maldread3933d ago

Remove the "Little"-part of the gametitle because this is going to be massive ;)

Looks like great fun to me. Certainly a contender for game of the year already and it will be fun to see all the crazy stuff people can come up with for it. I must have a PS3 before this is out.

n_n3933d ago

i hope this game delivers what it promises to and it will be a big hit because the sky's the limit with what you can do. only people who lack imagination and creativity will not like this game. and this game will cater for every sort of gamer as well.

decapitator3933d ago

I concur. The innovation in this game is almost limitless. Great to see such an innovative game.

HarryEtTubMan3933d ago

I think this sersiouly mihgt be a game that revolutionizing console gaming and platforming. I cannot wait!

LSDARBY3933d ago

If you lot keep hyping this up its gonna be a let down

Buubar3933d ago

Is anyone live blogging the PlayStation presentation?

InYourMom3933d ago

That's it?? While it looks kinda fun to make environments but its too complicated for kids to do. The gameplay looks absolutely stupid. This is what the PS3 fanboys are hyping as a killer app in 08?? hahahaha

It might get some good press because of its build it yourself gameplay but this isn't going to sell for crap. Mark my words.

mighty_douche3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

your a 360 fanboy, there for you care about reviews and scores....

wait till this is released, i bet it scores much higher than any 360 game.

this is purely limited by YOUR imagination, so in your case yeah it probably will be sh!t.

i dont know why i even bother replying to trolls like you...*sigh*

EDIT @ Skerj, dude, i wonder who disagreed with us? LOL...

Skerj3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Why not? Because you're not a big hulking "man" in an armored suit using nerf guns to shoot rainbow colored aliens?

InYourMom3933d ago

and a 360 and a Wii. I am a fanboy of good games and this beyond the ridiculous hype does not look like one. Sorry to crush your PS3 heart.

hunter213933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

hahaha omg you again i cant believe it, why are you so angry about the ps3? cause your console is going dead i also have the 3 console but the way you act is so childish

mullet3933d ago

Why do you douche bags always have to lie about that when you're making it perfectly obvious that you don't own one?

Koneesha3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Then whats with your icon. You are really a troll in disguise. Trollformers. Xbots in disguise!
Any way this game is gonna be amainzg. I may even say bigger than MGS4. I know MGS4 is super hyped but its also for older gamers. This is for everyone! :)

Chad Warden3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

You could post here when you have enough money to buy a PS3 fairy boy. You're probably on your 4th minimum wage job by now. 40 years old and a virgin living with his skank mother.

mullet3933d ago

Agreed. My hype for LBP is just about as high as it is for MGS4. I'll be playing LBP for years.

rofldings3933d ago

"Trollformers. Xbots in disguise!"


InYourMom3933d ago

It's like a PS3 gangbang brotherhood. I see I've offended you droids with my comment. ohhhhh so sorry.

And please shut-up about not owning a PS3, I've owned 3 so far, 1 crapped out and one came DOA and now I'm on my third. Sorry, as much as you brainwashed fanboys want to brag about the POS3 I've had nothing but problems and disappointment.

You people are like dogs that have been kicked one too many times. To the point of being rabid if someone doesn't share the same opinion that you do. No matter how much you kids throw out insults doesn't make this game any less LAME..

L - A - M - E

destroyah3933d ago

i've seen you around in other sections and the only thing i ever see you doing is sucking on bill gate's penis. like someone mentioned above, you make it too obvious lol

chaosdivine3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

You didn't offend anyone at all, kid. It's funny you're calling someone a fanboy when your posting history shows that you'll defend Microsoft and the XBox360 no matter what (your posts in that Alan Wake thread are embarrasing). It's not merely a difference in opinion that has people attacking you, it's the childish nature of your postings that are making people not taking you seriously. Moreover, you talk about opinions, but then you're trying to shove your views of LittleBigPlanet being supposedly lame down our throat as if it's fact.

Your inane rant won't change the fact that there are plenty of people looking forward to the creativity and infinite potential this game is going to give users, nor change our views that what we've seen so far is amazing.

And even if your story about your defective PS3s is true, I'll take their low failure rate over a near 33% failure rate for Xbox360s.

pwnsause3933d ago

Go back to multi-colored Halo Room and go read a book and go to sleep troll

Figboy3933d ago

i don't even think he has a 360!

i don't own a 360, and my gamer score is 465 (i play my roommate's 360 on occasion)

i don't think you can own a 360 and *NOT have a gamerscore. maybe i'm wrong.

i may be primarily a Sony fanboy, but at least i *TRY the other consoles and make an informed decision about what i like and don't like, instead of copy-pasting the vitriol from biased media sites, and taking on other people's opinions as my own.

from my various playtimes, i've decided that

360: good console, prone to breaking (my roommate's 1st 360 broke; he is now on his second). not enough games i like (outside of Bioshock, i'm meh on Mass Effect, and i don't like Gears of War or Halo 3. that's half o the 360's worthy library).

Wii: ehhh, not for me. i don't think it ever will be. i love Smash Bros, but not enough to get a Wii over. i've played Twilight Princess (i liked it better when it was a Gamecube game), i played Link's Crossbow Training (Duck Hunt on the NES was more precise), and Super Mario Galaxy makes me dizzy, and i'm not a big Mario fan anymore.

PS3: i love it (no suprise there). i get to play games *AND watch movies in HD, and the games released so far are more to my likings and particular tastes in games (Folklore; action/rpg, Ratchet; platforming/rpg, Uncharted; 3rd person adventure/shooter, Unreal Tournament 3; fps with mod support!, Warhawk; best online game i've played so far, Heavenly Sword; great action/hack n' slash; Resistance; great fps with a great story *AND online). i can surf the net, i can stream music and video (like the 360), i can *STORE my HD divx vids on the PS3 (can't do that on the 360), i can use a mouse and keyboard (can't do that on the 360), i can swap out the HDD if i need to with *ANY 2.5 inch SATA HDD (can't do that on the 360), and i can use all sorts of cool USB peripherals with it; like USB cameras and external HDDs (can't do that on the 360). as a gamer who loves multi-media, the PS3 is a dream console. and since i bought one of the 60gigs back in February of 2007, i can play Playstation 2 games on it also.

i'm not saying the Wii or 360 sucks (though i'm no fan of the Wii from a technical perspective), just that they don't suit my needs like my PS3 does.

Koneesha3932d ago

i wonder who disagreed with me?

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