Diamond in the fluff

The author takes a really sarcastic look at all of the value that gamers get with their Diamond Card from Xbox Live. With the recent announcement of MS actually charging for these discount cards, it's a good idea for gamers to know what it is they are getting.

From the article: "Some of the beauties that I currently have access to as a Diamond Card holder are (I'm totally not making these up):

* Up to two discounted purchases per year of John Deere tractor equipment (for all those construction and heavy equipment needs of today's gamer)
* 20% off Doggie daycare service at the K-9 Social Club (So your dog doesn't get neglected like the kids of Korean WoW players)"

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LGFreedom3992d ago

Nice article. Hit's the nail on the proverbial head.

JSA-Gamer3992d ago

I thought discount cards were supposed to be free for members... my 50 bucks a year isnt enough?

crck3992d ago

@JSA-Gamer : Its never enough for MS. They will probably start charging you for how often you open your disc tray. 100 disc tray opens for 400 ms points. No "tray opens" credits left? They'll just lock it until you pay up. Sounds ridiculous but is it really that far from charging you to play games online you already paid for?

rothbart3992d ago

The coolest thing about the card is you can pretty much see through the middle of it (it's almost clear). What's so useful about that is I'm likely to see something more interesting to do than screw around with that useless piece of crap...

beoulve3992d ago

Ahh now I know why? this card actually have it use.

During the live outage, Diamond members should be reminded they can go Grand Crayon touring instead of same old COD4/HALO 3 at home or time to took few weeks off console and go get your eyes fix, That will improve your tracking ability in COD4 or HALO3(Seriously by watching replay on COD4, some ppl really need to get this done ASAP, how can they be that blind)

Mr Seinfeld3992d ago

I used mine to spread spackle to patch up a hole in my wall.

WilliamRLBaker3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

I'll start

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thats just the A catagory.
its not any ones fault but your own that you cannot recognize that gamers aren't bound by fat asses and nerds siting in their rooms and being virgins which MOST HARDCORE gamers are this, Gaming is accross all age groups now, and all sexes and all those deals are a great thing.

I've used my xboxlive diamond card liberally on food, electronics discounts, and movie tickets.