Left 4 Dead Preview by, a weekly videogame magazine show, featured a 3 minute Left 4 Dead preview on their January 5th, 2008 show.

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wil4hire3934d ago

I CANT F`inG WAIT for this one!

socomnick3934d ago

Hope to play you through xbox live :)

monkey6023934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I'm actually really excited for this. Is it still slated for a febuary release? If so I am getting it for my birthday.

wageslave3934d ago

I love the "Play as the Bad Guy" Xbox LIVE option. Anyone who's played the "Infected" variants of Halo 3 on LIVE know just how fun it is to be the bad guy.

Its also *a lot* of fun being one of the last Good Guys in a Halo 3 Infected match, there is a new sense of desperation knowing that the bad guys are people and not AI.

Wow, I'm pre-ordering this game for sure.

monkey6023933d ago

I never played Infected, but I was a big fan of Virus on Timesplitters 2 which is nearly the same thing. So yeah I understand what you mean.

tony3933d ago

this is a very under rated game (sleeper hit). can't wait to play it.

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