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Submitted by HammadTheBeast 1394d ago | preview

Top 20 Xbox 360 Exclusives of 2012

Last year was simply enormous for Xbox 360 fans. The system celebrated record sales numbers for hardware, massive cross-platform games, and huge exclusives like Gears of War 3, Forza Motorsport 4, and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. With all of those successes, Microsoft would have a tough time topping itself the following year. However, looking over some of the awesome games set to release exclusively on the console this year, you can see how it just might be able to pull it off.

Here's a look at some of the great exclusives that Xbox 360 owners can look forward to this year. (Akai Katana, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Crimson Dragon, Fable: The Journey, Fez, Forza Horizon, Halo 4, Microsoft, Sine Mora, Xbox 360)

Crap_Turtle  +   1394d ago

is not exclusive

Also I dont consider any enhanced ports exclusives which at least 2 of those games are so thats 3 right there that dont belong. I understand padding the list but they could of made this top 15

And any top list with Fable: The Journey in it is basically condemnation on how bad the year is
HammadTheBeast  +   1394d ago
I don't want to seem like I'm hating, but 70% of those games are either multiplatform on PC, or XBLA games. Come on Microsoft, step your game up.

Thankfully I have my PS3. Hope the 360 gets some new and awesome games soon, even though I switched.
Dante112  +   1394d ago
I gotta admit, this list is pretty bad. Almost all of the games on there are XBLA games or multiplatform. MS really needs to invest in something other than Kinect for their hardcore audience.
thorstein  +   1394d ago
I'm sure someone could come up with a better list of exclusives. I also add the caveat that Kinect games (sans a few) really shouldn't be in a top list. They should be separate.
kreate  +   1394d ago
Many gamers are happy with the sales of the xbox especially for 2011.

There isnt much incentive for microsoft to pour money into anymore exclusives.

At least in america, xbox doesnt need exclusives to sell the system. Kinect seem to work out fine for them.
EVILDEAD360  +   1393d ago
Great list for 360 gamers..period
This is simply a list of the console exclusives coming to the 360.

This is before E3 and this year is already destroying last year.

Halo 4

literally the biggest exclusive of the year bar none. There is no bigger console exclusive franchise for the 360 core gamer that he return of Master Chief.

Bungie's handoff of the franchise turned into 343 putting together what may turn be arguably the best development team ever assembled. No 360 gamer is going to want to miss this. The only other game not named Call of Duty in 2012 that will have thousands lined up at midnight for launch.

Let them quibble about the PC games coming to the 36, the fact is the two biggest PC titles period are exclusively getting ports to the 360.

The fact is there is a fraction of the 360 install base that are PC gamers. Millions of gamers have not spent one minute enjoying what PC gamers have ranted and raved about.

CDP put their heart and soul into the enhancement Witcher 2 for consoles and I can't wait till I pick up my copy tommorow to see what they created.

Even Minecraft is specifically re-designed for the console experience.

I was and still am blown away at Forza 4, I honestly wasnt really paying attention to Forza Horizon until now when we find out that this game is being created by ex Bizzarre Creations AND Codemasters development teams. This might turn out to be cool as well.

Who cares about the Kinect haters..I love that the device is getting Fable, Crimson Dragon, and Steel Battalion.

The unsung hero of this year is clearly

I wasnt't even fully aware of some of these titles. I still havent had the time to get to Alan Wake, but after reading the OXM I was already excited to play Dead Horizon..that game looks amazing.

But, it looks like some of the other titles led by Fez are going to make their mark on the gaming world similiar to what Bastion did for the platform last year.

Once again what you see is a focused approach at supporting all 3 areas of the 360.

But, at the end of the day these games only tell a part of the story for 2012 with the rest being filled in with huge titles from Mass Effect 3's big release to Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto 5, Bioshock Infinite, Assasin's Creed 3, Resident Evil 6 etc.

Not to mention the the HUGE slew of shhoters from Ghost recon, Black Ops 2, Medal of Honor to Aliens and you got what may end up arguably the best gaming year of all time for the system.

_Aarix_  +   1393d ago
I never understood why xbox gets crap for having multiplatform games on pc but when somy has gran turismo, uncharted and god of war on psp/vita it doesnt matter. I know your thinking that pc isnt owned by microsoft but tell me how many gaming rigs use mac or linux...not a lot.

Plus the pc is competing with consoles like handhelds not really.
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tiffac008  +   1393d ago

But Kinect is an "exclusive" from both hardware and software stand point. 360 wouldn't be keeping its lead from the PS3 without it.

So yes even the 360 needs exclusives to sell.
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OllieBoy  +   1394d ago
Agreed. This list of "exclusives" is pathetic.
lelo2play  +   1394d ago
Not Exclusive (on PC):
Witcher 2

Kinect Games:
Steel Batalion: Heavy Armor
Fable: The Journey
Crimson Dragon

XBLA Games:
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Sine Mora
Trials: Evolution
Charlie Murder
Fable Heroes
Mark of the Ninja
Fez (time exclusive ???)
BattleBlock Theater (time exclusive ???)

Retail Games:
Halo 4
Forza Horizon
Akai Katana (XBLA title ???)
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clevernickname  +   1394d ago
So, really it's just Halo and Forza. The Kinect games, much like most Wii games other than first party titles, should be considered shovelware unless a good review reveals otherwise.
Disccordia  +   1393d ago
I don't disagree with your point but does this mean we don't include the move-only Sorcery when we list 2012 exclusive for ps3? What about taking out Journey because its only a psn title?

The 360 doesn't have an amazing line up so far. and I don't think that will change but imo an exclusive is an exclusive. And that rule should apply for both consoles. not just selectively ;)
Gamer3000  +   1394d ago
title say xbox "exclusives"
but 80% of the list is multiplat games
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Ares84HU  +   1394d ago
How long can they survive on Halo??
Dark11  +   1394d ago
maybe for 2 or 3 years from now xD
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Tai_Kaliso  +   1394d ago
I don't know, how many times can Kratos come back to life?

Why is everyone hating on this list or trying to demean it.

Honestly, some of those games look pretty good and we all know Halo 4 is going to be the biggest exclusive of the year.

I always get labeled a Xbox 360 fanboy, its usually because I see idiot trolls always bashing the thing for no reason.

I have a PS3 as well, but the only game that I'm even remotely interested in would be Last Of Us, so just because PS3 has "so many exclusives" it doesn't mean they are better or that people should be more interested.

In case nobody has noticed, we are at the end of this generation and I'm glad Microsoft has teams working on next gen games.

Another tidbit is that some of us, look forward to Kinect titles, because we own one. It doesn't mean I not "core" or that I am "casual". I just game for fun.
Ares84HU  +   1394d ago
Well you are a fanboy. How did you bring PS3 into this, I really don't know.

I was just asking a simple question because I think that MS should do a better job bringing exclusive games to the 360. This isn't much. If you don't like shooters than you don't have much exclusives to enjoy.

I just think that MS really slowed down on good exclusive games ever since Kinect has been out. That's all.
StrongMan  +   1394d ago
"I always get labeled a Xbox 360 fanboy, its usually because I see idiot trolls always bashing the thing for no reason."

Only fanboys are butthurt about a piece of plastic getting bashed.
Tai_Kaliso  +   1394d ago
Well we are all entitled to our opinions I guess, but as a Xbox 360 user since launch, I'm perfectly happy with the amount of exclusives, along with the quality 3rd party games that are usually better on the Xbox 360.

I will also say I don't mind Kinect games, I am looking forward to Crimson Dragon and Fable Journey.

The Xbox 720 is coming out next year, they are going to need a quality launch selection.
mayberry  +   1394d ago
I wonder what "gamers" with your mindset would say about the ps3 if it had a line-up like the 360 has had for YEARS now? btw, I could care less how many boxes a company has sold, I have a 360 too, but for a few E3's now we've been saying "they will anounce more exclusives!" and ..... nope :(
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1394d ago
"How long can they survive on Halo??"

Well duh! MS will deliver Halo as long as the fans want it. Last I checked that number was still well into the millions. It is a fact that Halo is a very popular franchise and will remain so as long as the games continue to deliver high quality gameplay. Success despite all the hate it receives because it is owned by MS.

@ mayberry
"I wonder what "gamers" with your mindset would say about the ps3 if it had a line-up like the 360 has had for YEARS now? btw, I could care less how many boxes a company has sold, I have a 360 too, but for a few E3's now we've been saying "they will anounce more exclusives!" and ..... nope :( "

Oh I am sure "gamers" with that mindset would have similiar things to say as things are being said now. "Opposing fans" (if the term is correct) would see to it that no console gets a pass for such a thing while disregarding the fact that there is more to gaming than exclusives. Look around, there are some great multiplats out there to be played but that brings up an entirely different argument. Oh let me guess, "Do you remember 2006/2007?"
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Hicken  +   1393d ago
"Gamers" with Tai_Kaliso's mindset would, indeed, be saying exactly what people now say about the 360's lineup. And that's the point: for such people, the target is always moving so that their aim is on, and yours is not.

No, exclusives are not everything and yes, there are great multiplats out there. But the latter does not convince anyone to buy your system instead of a competitor. It's the former that does that. Nobody will be buying a 360 for Assassin's Creed III. But they'll buy one for Halo 4. People would not buy a PS3 specifically for Call of Duty, but God of War would make them pick one up.

When people talk about supporting a system, it's really the exclusives they mean. After all, Microsoft doesn't rally do anything to bring Assassin's Creed to their console. But they DO have an active and important role in having Forza release only on their system. And when you look at their current rate as opposed to their past rate, Microsoft is doing poorly.

This list is indicative of that poor showing, as most of the games can either be found elsewhere, or are not full retail titles. Downloadable titles are cool and all, but that's also predicated on you buying Live and having an internet connection and all that. You can't go to a store and grab those games, which makes their application rather limited.
Bathyj  +   1394d ago
Make Crimson Skies Dammit.
HammadTheBeast  +   1394d ago
I like how IGN decided to sugercoat everything as usual.
RockmanII7  +   1394d ago
E3 is 7 weeks away, wonder what we'll see announced there. Hopefully something to add to this list.
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RockmanII7  +   1394d ago
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thebudgetgamer  +   1394d ago
Trials: Evolution looks great, can't wait to try that.
Perjoss  +   1394d ago
I don't think people should underestimate xbl arcade games, the sheer quality and creativity of games coming from smaller devs is putting some triple A titles to shame.

Journey, Fez, Sine Mora, Legend of Grimrock. These games might not be everyones cup of tea, but in my opinion these types of titles are what is keeping gaming fresh while bigger studios seem to think that bigger explosions (and breasts) are enough to keep gamers happy.

I'm glad that these guys are willing to take the kinds of risks that make large publishers sleep badly at night. But that's cool, keep supporting the big guys and stuff like Mirrors Edge will be a thing of the past.
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brilliantly45   1394d ago | Spam
ExCest  +   1394d ago
But I haven't heard of most of the games on the list. Also, remove Fez and Minecraft! IGN u shtoopidd!
edonus   1393d ago | Spam
from the beach  +   1393d ago
The stench of haters! Not exclusive - enjoy playing it on your PS3 or Wii then. Only on XBLA - oh no, it must be downloaded instead of bought in a box! Kinect game - not hardcore, lol, so suddenly the Steel Battalion and Panzer Dragoon series 'aren't hardcore'. They could release God Hand 2 on Kinect and it still 'wouldn't be hardcore' to some, presumably compared to God of War or some shit.

List is goddamn EPIC.
gtxgamer2  +   1393d ago
Not Exclusive:
Minecraft (PC / Android / iOS)
Spelunky (Windows)

Temporarily Exclusive:
BattleBlock Theater

Kinect Games:
Steel Batalion: Heavy Armor
Fable: The Journey
Crimson Dragon

XBLA Games:
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Sine Mora
Trials: Evolution
Charlie Murder
Fable Heroes
Mark of the Ninja

Retail Games:
Halo 4
Forza Horizon
Akai Katana

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