PSN Maintenance Ended Ahead of Schedule

Users of the PlayStation Network have been flocking in saying that they have been able to sign into the PlayStation Network.

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turokgames2433d ago

Time for some battlefield :D

RememberThe3572433d ago

Hahahaha I was just thinking the same thing!

MaxXAttaxX2432d ago

There was maintenance? I didn't even notice. That was kinda quick.

Also, why is it news every time PSN has maintenance?

Nitrowolf22433d ago

Sweet gonna hop back on BF3 then

-Alpha2433d ago

Cool, now I can feel even worse while studying for my exam.

Relientk772433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I know how u feel lol. I'm on a study break right now

Relientk772433d ago

^the not study game is the easiest game to play in the world lol


Game4life2431d ago

Im playing it right now. :D

I really should do this quiz I have due tomorrow though

Relientk772433d ago

Awesome, I'm ok with this

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The story is too old to be commented.