“Monster Hunter Portable 3″ Vita Turns Up On GAME Norway

"Earlier in the year, the internet ran wild with Monster Hunter speculation after a PSLS tipster spotted “Monster Hunter Portable 3” for Vita on UK retailer That same tipster has now found more proof that such a game or Norway’s GAME website." - PSLS

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D3stinySm4sher2405d ago

Aw, man. My roommate's been dying for a Monster Hunter game on Vita.

sinncross2405d ago

This was bound to happen. Probably for a reveal at E3, though they should have tried to get it for their PSV event not too long ago.

Oh well, at least it is coming for those who want to play it in English :)

Hisiru2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Well... I played Monster Hunter 3 on Wii, PSP and 3DS, so I am not sure if this will sell like the other games, but yeah, it's good to see this game on vita.

I really want Monster Hunter 4 on Vita too.

dbjj120882405d ago

I think the entire Japanese market has been dying for MH on Vita.

ginsunuva2405d ago

But they already have MPH3rd on PsP and they have a Ps3 HD remaster of it too (which I just bought a copy of last week during my Tokyo vacation) Only japan gets those two though.

farhad2k82405d ago

They need to get this RIGHT. I feel that the VITA's success lies in the hand of this, and CoD. Sad, but true.

The game needs to have ONLINE 4 player co-op, or maybe even 6 player co-op modes to add a bit more spice?

Definitely got me excited.

Arnagrim2405d ago

Hoping for Vita Monster Hunter news soon as well as news on Type-0 localization/ confirmation of a Vita version.

Jio2405d ago

If it is real, I'm sick of all these ports. They should make a Monster Hunter for the Vita from the ground up, not a stupid port.

SIX2405d ago

This thing is like COD to the japanese market.

stormeagle62405d ago

More like it's CoD, crack, and Justin Beiber all rolled into one. For the Japanese market.

ISNeko2405d ago

When a MH comes out I will have no more excuse not to have a Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.