U.S. government looking to track suspects via game consoles

In an effort to establish new channels for monitoring suspicious activity, the U.S. Navy and the Department of Homeland Security have contracted forensics company Obscure Technologies to research methods for tracking data on today's home consoles,

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Dark_Overlord2429d ago

"This project requires the purchasing of used video game systems outside the US in a manner that is likely to result in their containing significant and sensitive information from previous users."

This is the reason I always purchase a new hard drive to put into my device (PC mainly, but would do the same if ever chose to get rid of my consoles) before selling/giving away the device. It is all to easy to recover data nowadays (Even so called secure methods can be restored). I even have my 'broken' HDD's from years ago, as I refuse to bin them.

MK24ever2429d ago

I'd love to know who the fuc* the US government think they are that gives them the right to "track" everyone, US citizens or not.

It's like for some reason I must accept the fact that, despite I have no relation with the US on a taxes/living/origin way, I'm still a "suspect" of something? I'm pretty sure the US tracks more info about me through the Internet than my own country.

The "terrorism" ghost sure is a nice tool for US to do many things that are ... weird... at the eyes of it's own population.

mynameisEvil2429d ago

The US Government thinks it God, my friend. "What do we want to do to be the most powerful?"

I'd like to point out that this stuff only started happening under Obama.

Tired2429d ago

Hardly part of the democrats manifesto. Plus the Republicans hold the majority.

That's like saying 9/11 was all Bush's fault. There is a much larger picture to be seen.

The President is little more than a mouthpiece. He has very little real power.

mynameisEvil2429d ago


I never said Rpublicans aren't to blame, for one.

Second, Obama has tons of power. He's passing things without putting them through Congress now (I think one of the more memorable things is some waiver that lets illegals be here without a problem. Can't remember the name of the waiver, though. :/) The man does what he wants, when he wants.

Muffins12232429d ago

Better not say that on the phone or the bush adminstration will hear you say that

Tired2429d ago

It's so much more complicated than that. And no he really can't do what he wants when he wants, or America would be a very different place.

He may have been able to push the odd thing through as the uk gov does on occasion. But really he does not have carte blanche to willy nilly change any law he sees fit.

I know you said nothing about the republicans....all you said that it was down happened under Obama. Which suggests you blame him and his administration. When it is just as likely that the republicans pushed this through themselves. The democrats can't veto every bill they don't like. And as far as I know this could be an amendment to a completely separate bill.

Most of America's laws come into power on the back of someone else's charter. As an afterthought...'We'll let you pass laws a,b and c if you give us x, y and z. That's how it's gone on for decades.

It's just in your original post you seemed to be purely blaming Obama. And saying it's only happening under him.

It was Bush who started removing civil liberties not Obama.
Friday, 26 October, 2001
'The legislation gives the police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation more leeway to secretly search people's homes and business records. It also gives them more power to eavesdrop on telephone conversations and electronic communications,'

Lets not forget another time the Republicans held the power. Need I remind you of the McCarthy trials? Although the word trial suggests it was fair or possibly just. It's always been the Republicans not the democrats who seek to destroy privacy.

mynameisEvil2429d ago

Haha, these days, both the Republicans and Democrats are to blame. Both sides are out for power and nothing more.

Now, let's look at that date you posted for the passing that bill. October 26, 2001. A month after 9/11. Of course he'd implement that. Besides, it's not something used one your every-day American, only those suspected of illegal or terrorist activities.

But to blame Bush for that is ridiculous. If you were the president and you felt your country could be attacked again at any point in time, you would've passed something similar. it isn't to reduce civil liberties and get power, it's to protect your people.

I'd also like to point out that Democrats have been worse than Republicans in many circumstances. I know I said the Republicans are just as bad, but the Democrats are a bit more intrusive, even now. Of course, Republicans still have their own problems, so nobody is free of blame here.

Tired2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

By that argument...the one where Bush has the right to do that because he's protecting his country and citizens....

Then Obama (if it was his decision in the first place) Is well within his rights to demand that every games console be monitered...but that is protecting the children!

It's not reducing your right to privacy or to gain more power it's protecting the children. The children need to be protected.

Now that we've come full circle. could you please explain your original post. Are you anti Obama or anti the government taking more control than they need.

I no longer know which side you come down on. If there is nothing wrong with Bush's administration monitoring, then what's wrong with the Obama administration monitoring.

*edit* or do you only have a problem when it appears your own behaviour may come under scrutiny. As I presume you are to busy on your console of choice to be plotting terrorist activity. (sorry! couldn't resist throwing that one in for good measure, no offence meant). x

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ginsunuva2428d ago

It's because all terrorists get their ideas and training from those evil things called video games.

AtomicGerbil2429d ago

And the US Government wonder why the rest of the world consider them a school yard bully.

maniac762429d ago

Things that make you go hmmmmm

tigertron2429d ago

You think thats bad, you should see what our beloved UK government is doing. We're the most monitored state in the world.