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Prototype 2 to have “2X blood” of the original according to Radical

Radical Entertainment promises twice the blood of the original for Prototype 2. Will it do for chaos what Infamous 2 did for story writing? (Culture, PC, Prototype 2, PS3, Radical Entertainment, Xbox 360)

Lucretia  +   1201d ago
Ohhh, didn't know more blood meant better gameplay.

how bout radical improve the gameplay first?

but since the average person loves blood (based on Mortal Kombats popularity) this will prbably be a selling point now -_-
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mochachino  +   1201d ago
More blood doesn't mean worse gameplay either. I love violent bloody games, it's a shame more games are full of blood.
Lucretia  +   1201d ago
huh......."it's a shame more games are full of blood"? thats a contradiction to what you just said.

but anyway. Yeah, um the blood doesnt help or hinder gameplay, just target markets. So if its bloody it has to be rated M, if not then Rated T. A game can have no blood and have far better gameplay than any of the rest (Bayonetta for example)

but a game could just be a bloody mess and suck bad (Conan).
mochachino  +   1201d ago
Typo, I meant aren't...
chanmasta  +   1200d ago
People quote specific parts of interviews, etc. to get hits, get used to it. If the developer posted an article, I'm sure they wouldn't use the same title.
thekiddfran  +   1201d ago
now i am defo buying it /s
Cajun Chicken  +   1201d ago
vikingland1  +   1201d ago
OH boy that must mean it's better than the 1st game. By at least 2X.
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LolololRumz  +   1201d ago
My favourite part is 'Will it do for chaos what Infamous 2 did for story writing?'

The exception here is that story writing can massively improve a game which it did with inFamous 2, blood however...
leahcim  +   1201d ago
If this statement were Prototype 2 to have 2xFUN I would be interested.

such a boring game for me.
LightofDarkness  +   1201d ago
Yes, because that's why the first game was so underwhelming, it just didn't have enough blood.

bahabeast  +   1201d ago
im in for it i'll be getting this one i love open world games gives me alot to do when im bored
krazykombatant  +   1201d ago
Yeah no, the first one is still the winner of the worst game I have ever bought. Gameplay was sooo tedious and boring.
Lucretia  +   1201d ago
was hilarious. the first game was so easy too. I was playing it the day before it came out at the Gamecrazy i worked at on silent (because of the cursing) and even though i didnt know what i was supposed to do i was completing objectives left and right by accident. The series is such a fail. it was the poor mans infamous back then, im not sure how it got a sequel
SolidGear3  +   1200d ago
Infamous is boring as hell but I do love Prototype
smashcrashbash  +   1200d ago
So in other words it's just going to be another mindless killing spree with a sad excuse for a story just like the last one while they try to invent some reason for me to relate to or feel sorry for the main character while he murders innocent people in the most horrible ways he can think of.'Oh, I have to murder people to find out who I am because that is more important then human life while my friends encourage and cheer me on'. And that makes it okay.
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mochachino  +   1200d ago
I wonder if they measured.
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