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FanCensus list their top RPG titles... "One of my favorite RPG’s has to be Okami on the Nintendo Wii. I spent so many hours running through this game at least three times, I simply can’t get enough! I picked it up on an off chance whilst browsing in my local store. The front cover immediately grabbed me, a depiction of a white wolf in a distinct Japanese art style. After reading the synopsis and realizing that not only does the art style continue in the game, but it’s an interactive RPG title, I was sold."

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Crap_Turtle2404d ago

since when is okami an rpg?

ttyd is fun

NeXXXuS2404d ago

lol okami an RPG... amazing game regardless.

All of the Paper Mario Games are amazing. Thousand Year Door was pretty difficult through some of the boss battles and that made it a fun challenge.

Crap_Turtle2404d ago

the disagree is ridiculous because your right

NeXXXuS2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I agreed so you feel better :P
also: You're* XD