StarCraft 2 Update: Crucio Siege Tank - Screens and Videos

The Crucio is the Dominion update of the immensely popular but aging Arclite siege tank. The Arclite was renowned throughout the Confederacy for its devastating firepower and stalwart emplacement/advance tactics. Originally designed to serve as a "final defense" security cannon, the siege tank adopted a two-stage configuration in its final form: a mobile assault mode and a deployed siege mode that brought its massive shock cannon to bear. The immense flexibility of an armored battle tank that could advance and then deploy itself as heavy artillery was a huge success, and the design was widely copied.

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kevin11223484d ago

how come people dont comment on starcraft 2. I mean starcraft one is the best rts out there.

BludoTheSmelly3484d ago

I love starcraft i just dont normally post on the site.

Diabloz3484d ago

i cant wait till starcraft 2 comes out

jaja14343484d ago

Because as much as I love the original, this update version seems to offer very little for the amount of time it is taking to make. It seems more like a StarCraft mod with prettier graphics than a sequel. But I'll probably still get it.

Bonsai12143484d ago

why would you mess with perfection?

jaja14343484d ago

I agree, you shouldn't, but if your going to charge 50$ for the same game with better graphics and 1 or 2 new units for each race, well I expect more.

kevoncox3484d ago

companies to mess something up. Don't do it Blizzard, this game is going to be amazing. Don't mess this up. I love the new Mech and Walker.