High Noon: The Confusing Lack of Spaghetti Western Games

Play Vault's William:

"Back in the swinging sixties, you couldn’t walk ten feet through the American mid-West without tripping over an Italian film crew working on a Spaghetti Western. Tales of stolen gold, corrupt lawmen and ugly Mexicans by people like Sergio Leone were ridiculously popular, and continued to be, for a good twenty years before the films dipped out of fashion. There have been a few noteworthy Westerns in recent years, The Proposition, 3:10 to Yuma, True Grit and so on, but so few Western games and fewer still good ones.

The previous generations aren’t the most given to gaming, if you were one of the lucky ones going to see A Fist Full of Dollars at the cinema on its release date, your likely mystified by all these floating shapes on your grandson’s magic tablet thing right now."

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arjman2381d ago

Red Dead Redemption (and soon to be Rebellion) what more does a man need?

Admiralsombrero2381d ago

Red Dead Redemption was my favorite game this gen, mostly because this setting was used so well I really do hope more western games get made

P.S. also more pirate games, defintly more pirate games!

arjman2379d ago

Imagine GTA but with a Pirates of the Carribean twist, all the thievery, drunkards, sex and violence would be perfect.

GTRrocker2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Because there really isn't much you can do with that time period that hasn't already been done. Plus the weapons werent that great. Rdr was the one exception.

Coach_McGuirk2381d ago

i used to love me some Outlaws on pc back in the day. I can't even recall another old western-setting FPS, surprisingly.

NukaCola2375d ago

I remember TIN STAR on Super NES. I loved the classic Steampunk Western theme. It was funny and kooky and pretty cool. I think Gun did a good job but RDR really nailed it. Red Dead isn't really spaghetti western, it's pretty legit. I don't know how they are going to top it in Rebellion.

kma2k2381d ago

RDR was awseome this gen. Gun was awesome last gen i really wish they would have made a new Gun, i loved that game!