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Submitted by stonesnake 2880d ago | article

What Game From Your Childhood Would Like To See Re-Released?

Gaming Steve asks, "I was asked which game I would love to see come out for the Nintendo Virtual Console / Xbox Live Arcade / PlayStation Network. It was a tricky question as there are so many games I would love to play again from my childhood, but right at the very top of my list was one of my favorite games of all time, StarTropics.

So imagine my shock when I heard that Nintendo was releasing StarTropics for the Virtual Console ... today!

What game from your childhood would like to see re-released?" (Arcade, Culture, PS3, StarTropics, Wii, Xbox 360)

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darx  +   2880d ago
Golgo 13...
Golgo 13 for sure!
Skerj  +   2880d ago
Dude, I have no freaking idea why Nintendo dropped Star Tropics but they need to pick it back up. My game(s) though would have to be Ranger X, a TRUE sequel to Chronotrigger, updated Illusion of Gaia, River City Ransom, and anything from Treasure.
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no_more_heroes  +   2880d ago
Original devs of Chronotrigger are busy
they're too busy making Blue Dragon 2 for the 360.
Skerj  +   2880d ago
They wouldn't be able to make it anyway since Square owns the right, which is good because I couldn't stand the first Blue Dragon. If they stopped remaking the first 4 Final Fantasy games repeatedly then they could do it because Chrono Cross didn't cut it.
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mazirjones  +   2880d ago
awww man you didn't like chrono cross? I thought it was great how they managed to make a completely different game, but still kept elements from the past one (crono, lucca, marle making an apearance etc.) The fighting system also has to be one of the best in a jrpg. And don't even get me started on the music...the song that plays on the world map in Another World...amazing
WilliamRLBaker  +   2880d ago
chrono trigger, illusion of gaia and a few others.
no_more_heroes  +   2880d ago
The First 3 Crash and Spyro games
the new versions of both franchises suck. I hate Traveler's Tales and Vicarious Visions for that.
pcz  +   2880d ago
alex the kidd, the one that was built into the master system
bdwins  +   2880d ago
Contra and Punch-Out
Contra with some network Co-Op would be sweet.
crippler666  +   2880d ago
Manic Minor / Jet Set Willy / Chuckie Egg.

Any of those please and make sure they stay 2D.... They would just never work in 3D.
prunchess  +   2880d ago
Wow! 8 bit Games like Jetset Willy and Maniac Miner, I haven't heard of those games since i had a Sinclair spectrum!
nirwanda  +   2879d ago
head over heals and knightlore.
roybatty  +   2880d ago
If they remade Elite I would be happy. I loved that game.

I think it is a classic game, that has the depth to still be a viable
remake on modern hardware. Can't beat that 2001 Space Oddyssy style docking sequence with the Blue Danube Waltz playing!
Those were the days.
Skerj  +   2880d ago
Play some EVE Online :D
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2880d ago
only played it in the arcade 1984
its a game call bump n jump ....where you jump from one cliff to another collecting flags.....mike tyson punch out ( the same concept 3D graphics real boxers ( wow )
ANoobsJourney  +   2880d ago
I would vote for...
Ikari Warriors, Maniac Mansion, Moon Patrol, Bump N Jump, and Dragon Slayer.
solar  +   2880d ago
hell ya maniac mansion. put the hamster in the microwave hehe. that stuff wouldnt fly nowadays..
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2879d ago
I use to ditch 1st grade to play bump n jump . I check the web and they have the arcade for sale for $1000 .....
Jamegohanssj5  +   2880d ago
I wish we had Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for PSN :[.
benny o klaatt  +   2880d ago
how about
all the dizzy games?
theme park
micro machines
toe jam and earl
ALItheWISE  +   2880d ago
I wish they would put NO Mercy on the virtual console with online capabilities......I know im asking for way too
kewlkat007  +   2880d ago
Umm Star tropics, Meng that brings back memories...Using that yo-yo and jumping on the right blocks, which reminded me of Zelda back in the day, That game was the sh^t.

Where is my Chrono Trigger, right before Square game out with the masterpiece FFVII for PSone, this game is so underrated, too bad not many got a chance to play it. I luv the OST as well.

Ya know what they say is true, you often get some of the Great games on a consoles towards the end of it's age. These would be nice, Excuse the Long list but I'm old-school baby.


-Star Tropics
-3-D Battles of World Runner - [I never beat this damn game..]
-River City Ransom
-Kid Niki - Radical Ninja - [So loved this game]
-Kid Icarus - [So Classic]
-Gauntlet 2 - [My nes got too hot on level 80]
-Castlevania II - Simon's Quest
-BattleToads & Double Dragon - [Great Brawler]
-Hogan's Alley - [whatever happened to shooting bad guys with a real gun?]
-Bionic Commando - [They were listening]
-Wizards & Warriors
-Contra - [Give us a next-gen one please]
-Spy Vs Spy
-Tecmo Bowl
-Skate or Die!- [Tony Whaa!!]
-Mega Man
-Rygar - [Old School God of War]
-R.C Pro Am - [Game got on my nerves]
-Ikari Warriors


-ActRaiser 2 - [This game was hot, great music tracks]
-Harvest Moon
-Illusion of Gaia
-Earthworm Jim - [Great classics. Bring him back, similar to Odd world, Lot's of Character]
-Chuck Rock
-Star Fox - [If it comes, I know the graphics won't be all that]
-Killer Instinct - [Rare give it up ow]
-Smartball - [Loved this game]
-Secret of Mana - [So great]
-Uniracers - [This was different but fun]
-Super Smash TV - [suprised not yet on XBL]
-Pitfall : The Mayan Adventure - [Uncharted/Lara Right there]
-Orge Battle
-Joe & Mac
-Chrono Trigger - [Top 5 RPGs]
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters- I was sick with "Rat King"
-Super Punchout
-Stunt Race FX - [Can you say Burnout?]
-Bubsy - [would give Conker/Crash a run for his money]


-Comix Zone
Streets of Rage - [My all time Brawler, but Brawler are Dead. Sega's Answer to Final Fight.]
-Shinobi - [Sega's answer to Ninja Gaiden]
-Altered Beast
-General Chaos
-Strider - [Where is this guy by now?]
-Kid Chameleon - [You've got to play this game, Ahead of it's time.]
-Flashback - The Quest for Identity
-Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure
-Ecco The Dolphin
-Road Rash - [So fun, Yeah!! YEah!! YEah!!]
-Eternal Champions
-Shining Force
-Toe Jam & Earl
-Golden Axe - It's coming
-Out of This World

Those were the Golden Ages, of PLATFORMERS, BRAWLERS, SIDE SCROLLERS, SHOOTERS, FIGHTERS...Wha, wha What Happend to Gaming?
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Covenant  +   2880d ago
GREAT list! So many good titles there...and kudos for mentioning Bubsy, who was more than just a Sonic knock-off (as some alleged). He was Conker (snazzy attitude, pop-culture references) before Conker was a gleam in Rare's eye.

Pitfall...early Activision classic. Another ripe for resurrection on XBLA.

Altered Beast, Battletoads, Tecmo Bowl...among the best.

And a memo to Rare: Killer Instinct. On XBLA. NOW!
Gazman  +   2880d ago
River Raid, Speedball and the Pit Fall games.
Covenant  +   2880d ago
River Raid was the s#it...always fun to play. Perfect for XBLA...hint hint, MS!
Snoozer282  +   2880d ago
Rings of Power!
Skizelli  +   2880d ago
I'd love to see updated versions of the 2D Mega Mans with crazy special effects.
SJL480  +   2880d ago
Fade_Walker  +   2880d ago
childhood eh? of the Tentacle and Sam & Max
Flying_Squirrel  +   2880d ago
So many to pick from
First choice would be Thanatos, playing as a dragon was awesome

Also add Populous, Strider, Silkworm and It came from the Desert as well.

In fact just add everything, you can never have too many games :)
prunchess  +   2880d ago
It Came From the Desert including the Antheads add on by CINEMAWARE
That was such a great game on the Commodore Amiga. CINEMAWARE did another game called WINGS. If they just re-did the graphics on these games they would be hits again. I still play WINGS using a Amiga emulator.
nirwanda  +   2879d ago
I'd love to see populous 2 with online play and silkworms got to be the best side scrolling shoot-em up ever made.
I'd also like to see stunt car racer remade with online play.
OldGamer  +   2880d ago


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WilliamRLBaker  +   2880d ago
Secret Of Evermore
Seiken Denetsu 2 (secret of mana 2, or secret of mana snes)
EarthBound *SNES version*
Breath of fire 1 and 2 and 3 *better translations*
Bahamut Lagoon
ActRaiser 1 (the 2nd one sucked)
Earthworm jim....all of them (specially the moonlight sonata lvl)
7th saga 1 and 2
Brandish 1-4
Dragon View
E.V.O Search for eden (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Seiken Denetsu 3 (secret of mana 3)
SIM ANT MOFO! that game was the GREATEST sim game you play a freaking ant and have to build an colony and fight the red ants! EVIL EVIL RED ANTS! DIE!!!!!

Soul Blazer (illusion of gaia 1 basically)

All the Y's games
Arc the lad games
Albert Odyssey games
Dragon force 1 and 2
Golden sun 1 and 2 (combine them and make them HD 2d)
Growlanser games
Guardian heros
Langrisser all of them >_<
Legend of legaia 1 and 2
Lunar 1 and 2
Heroine Anthem 1 and 2
Phantasy star 1-4
All the popful mail games
Shining force games and shining saga

I should mention that all the games that appeared in 2d should remain 2d but in hd with hd sprites...ect and maybe voices, the ones that came in 3d or 3d/2d should remain that way but better.

I hate 3d updates of 2d titles they we're 2d for a reason.
Shaka2K6  +   2880d ago
Anything about marios.
Enough with the marios already.
Covenant  +   2880d ago
Blaster Master...Zaxxon...Rygar.

XBLA, Virtual Console...whatever. Just make it happen!

Luckily, I bought Atari Anthology (Adventure FTW!), Capcom Classics, and Namco Museum for my Xbox, so I can take most of my gaming trips down nostalgia lane by simply popping in a disc.
ukilnme  +   2880d ago
Nice choices. Zaxxon and Rygar were great.
Komrad  +   2880d ago
it would have to be wasteland.
Stoned Alone  +   2880d ago
smashballs  +   2880d ago
Rygar (Argus no Senshi)

Shadowgate-Deja Vu-The Uninvited

All the SNES Dragonball fighters -- especially 2

Wizards and Warriors

Skate or Die
bym051d  +   2880d ago
1. The Guardian Legend
2. Crystalis
X  +   2880d ago
Beat me to guardian legend. Around the people that I know, it's the best NES game that no one ever played. Should this come to the VC it will be very worth the 500 points.
Leathersoup  +   2880d ago
One game.
Racing Destruction Set from EA. I have a lot of great memories of that game.
ReBurn  +   2880d ago
Draugr  +   2880d ago
I'd like to see more games that never made it to the USA and/or Europe like they did with Sin and Punishment for the N64.

EDIT: Just realized I didn't answer the question the article posed since I obviously wouldn't have played games that never came out in my country as a kid. Oh well, lol.
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