Turn PSP (PlayStation®Portable) into a Personal GPS Navigation System with Go!Explore

In early Spring 2008, PSP (PlayStation®Portable) owners need never get lost again – thanks to a new addition to the Go! range called Go!Explore which puts 3D city mapping in users' hands by turning PSP into a state-of-the-art Personal GPS Navigation System system. Just enter your destination and Go!Explore will do the rest for you.

The Go!Explore setup consists of an attachable GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and a UMD disc of the user's chosen maps. At the touch of a button, users will be able to find their position on a map and work out the direction they need to take. Go!Explore works both on foot and in the car and – as most of the hardware is in the PSP attachment – it offers a top-notch Personal GPS Navigation System system at a fraction of the cost of other systems on the market.

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TheMART3995d ago

So the package including the software is 150 Euro.

I can buy the GPS module without software for 60 Euro at the moment. If those software is upgraded constantly it's worth the extra 90 bucks, for good maps

Curious how the total package will be reviewed overall. Small note: walking on the street, especially in a large city with the GPS attached... Don't think so, walking with 300 Euro worth total will get it stolen within no time

mighty_douche3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

true, its not something you walk round with on display, but GPS is usually for Cars.

I have GPS on my phone and i must say i dont use it often but when i do its very helpful.

EDIT: not sure why ppl disagree with your comment?

mighty_douche3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

PSP does soooo much with a little know how.

Sony and Drak_Alex need to start working together, make him lead programmer for f*ck sake.

TheMART3995d ago

Nah they keep each other sharp, the competition is good I guess. Sony must work harder to get their firmware to be constantly upgraded, adding stuff you don't want to work without.

On the other hand... Homebrew is the way to go. It just unlocks all the possibilities Sony never will. All those Amiga 500, MSX 1 & 2 games I haven't played a long time, I just run on the PSP with emulators. Just a lot of fun

mighty_douche3995d ago

very true!

dude you should seriously comment like this more often.

gamesR4fun3995d ago

we dont travel enough to get it ourselves but its pretty handy for those who do.

GodsHand3995d ago

Where was this when I was truck driving.

But could be a good alternative to getting a GPS device.

mighty_douche3995d ago

probably cheaper than most to, i bought my parents a tomtom this christmas for £250, the PSP is only £130.

BardockS30Z3995d ago

Now i have good reason to buy another PSP because my current one is strictly homebrew

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