Microsoft's Xbox could consider Blu-ray support

Las Vegas, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Microsoft's Xbox unit still fully backs Toshiba's HD-DVD format but could consider supporting Sony's rival Blu-ray should consumers want it, Xbox's group marketing manager Albert Penello said on Tuesday.

In addition, Microsoft does not believe the surprise decision last week by Warner Bros, the top seller of home movies, to abandon HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray should have a significant impact on the sales of Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3, Penello said.

In an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Penello dismissed the notion that the PlayStation 3 would have the same sales impact for Blu-ray as the PlayStation 2 did for DVD.

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toughNAME3997d ago

I honestly don't care what Microsoft does in regards to the format war

but choice is never a bad thing

TriggerHappy3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

What they really meant to say is, they will be bringing an blu-ray add on for the 360. But won't that mean they are indirectly supporting Sony ?

Already Sony have shown that they are the bigger company by not rubbing it in Toshiba's face after Warner's announcement. Only time will tell for now.

toughNAME3997d ago

Microsoft will be providing an alternative to Sony's Blu Ray player

bruiser813997d ago

sony could care less about the player, its the format their pushing. Their are already standalone blu-ray player not made by sony, its the format that makes sony the money not the hardware playing it.

captainpwn3997d ago

If you watched the Microsoft CES presentation, you'd see that demonstrations of the Zune space were done on Sony Vaios. And, by running Windows on Sony computers, Sony is also supporting Microsoft, aren't they?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3997d ago

Agreed with captainpwn. Just because Sony and Microsoft are rivals in the console war it doesn't mean they can't do business. Hell man Microsoft and Sony have done business with like every single company.

hades073997d ago

I have not adapted to either format yet, but after getting a HDTV for christmas I am sure I will soon. After reading this though

I have to say I would prefer the format war to be won by HD-DVD. With many options already available to it that are not standard on Blu-ray like picture-in-picture, ethernet connection for all players, and the fact that all videos are region free, it seem to offer more features that appeal to me as a avid movie watcher.

Guwapo773997d ago

The one Blu-Ray player that can do it all is the PS3. It had everything needed to do BD-Live from launch. The only thing required are the firmware updates. Being your a have little to no reason not to pick up a PS3.

ravinash3997d ago

I love the way MS were saying they will supply it if the consumer wants it, but only now have they been talking about a BlueRay add on...thats not really supplying them with choice.
MS could have come out at the start and supplied the add on for both formats from the start. because its an add on, the choice really was up to the customer. Only now that HD-DVD is on the slippery slope do they talk about giving them the option.

hades073997d ago

Well I am planning on getting a PS3 in the future anyways. I haven't yet because I haven't felt the need. Only Drake's fortune so far really interest me in the games department. I bought a 360 like 5 months ago, already have 25 games, with ten yet to be even touched because of the back catalog of great games I got for cheap at a EB games sale. That, and playing Gears, COD4, and Rainbow Six Vegas with all my friends all the time keeps my busy. Thats why I got a 360 in the first place, none of my friends have a PS3 yet while I have 16 close friends who play 360 online with me.

godofthunder103997d ago

it wouldn't suprise me.when br and hd dvd first came out microsoft said that if br wins it's no big deal,they would just start using br but they are supporting hd dvd as of now.hd dvd fans will disagree with me but br won so it should happen soon.
i've read other post where sony fans were saying that sony would make a killing because they will charge microsoft more but that will never happen.there is more companies then sony that owns owns the majority of br with %33 of the stock while other companies own the rest by investing in it,that even go for tashiba,that don't own %100 of hd dvd.i know that sony and ps3 fans will disagree but all they have to do is read up on it.even if sony own all %100 of br they will never charge microsoft more then other to use it because it will be good for sony to.
people are claiming that since br won it means that the ps3 won and it will sell more ps3 but that's far from the truth.why would it help when the ps3 had br since the beginning and the 360 never had a br or hd dvd drive in it at all.
br and hd dvd fans don't understand that the br will not have the success that dvds of the reason is that the sales of dvds been droping off for a few years now and it's not because of br and hd dvds because when they came out the sales still kept dropping off because of the people that's starting to buy movies over the net or things that cable is coming out with and br isn't as big of a difference as vhs and dvd was and that's the biggest reason that people jumped on dvds..the other reason is that the majority of people will not pay $30 for one movie when they could buy 2 to 3 regular dvds for the same price and buy a $90 dvd player that upgrade regular dvds to 1080p,i know that the picture isn't exactly the same but it will be good enough for the majority of people.
i'm a movie collector with over a 1000 dvds and i didn't care who won the format war because they are exactly the same damn thing.but i'm not paying $30 for a movie no matter how good the picture is.

Nevers3996d ago

will definitely be my choice of BluRay players to buy... and it even looks like 08' might just be the year Sony give it's BR player that "games-player" add-in. But it'll still need to come down in price for my wallet.


even if the 360 DOES get a bd drive, you still cant game on it.

is the bandwidth on usb 2.0 that much?


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ktchong3997d ago

if they think Blu-ray won't help PS3 sales now that Blu-ray has won the format war.

wageslave3997d ago

Its not over yet -- I know that's not a popular opinion on Sony Fanboy Central (N4G) -- but, dont count your chickens just yet.

It did cost Sony $500 Million to get Warner on board BlueRay, dont think that Toshiba and its partners cant pull a rabbit out of its hat.

THIS IS STILL GOING TO TAKE A WHILE. But, just as most people know, Download is the next "format".

jorellpogi3997d ago

Do you have any proof about the $500M payout? Don't spread FUD.

blackmagic3997d ago

There's no question that the Warner move was a huge coup for Blu-ray but HD DVD is far from dead. I think HD DVD is in better shape now with Universal/Paramount exclusive and no Warner than they were in the summer with only Universal exclusive and Paramount/Warner dual format. The day that the two formats didn't consolidate into a single unified format was the day that I called a dual-format outcome and even if only ONE studio stays exclusive it's enough to force a dual format outcome. Early adoptors may be able to deal with fractured studio support but the general consumer won't accept that 3 out of 10 movies released won't play on their player. They will demand a player that supports ALL movie releases.

It would be a different outcome if it was like VHS/Beta where both formats simply couldn't be played in the same machine because they were physically incompatible but we have had dual-format players for about a year now and the prices are continuing to drop. The Samsung BD-UP5500 is set for a May release at $600 and it is looking to be the best featured player on the market for either format (Reon VX HQV scalar, 7.1 analogue outputs, full CODEC support and dual format support) and since blu-ray players dropped from $1000 to $400 in 2007, I don't see it as a problem to see dual format players below $300 before the end of the year. As a matter of fact, I don't see Toshiba as having ANY CHOICE but to make dual format players that push the prices down.

I'd say that this is a valuable lesson to the industry since both sides have foolishly spent hundreds of millions fighting this war just because they couldn't agree on a single format specification but I would be wrong. This war has been fought before and you don't need to look any further than the computer you are reading this on to see it. You see that DVD burner in your computer? I'm willing to bet it supports DVD+R, DVD-R and DVDRAM just like mine does. DVDRAM was first to market but didn't have the capacity, DVD+R burned discs the fastest and DVD-R was the most compatible with DVD standalone players, all had their unique advantage and none had complete dominance.

Those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Zinger3997d ago

So exactly how is HD-DVD better off with only 2 major companies supporting them now as opposed to 3? You are totally illogical. Please read what you write before you post please.

blackmagic3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

2 things:

1. Based on your comment I assume you think one format or the other will 'win' but I am saying that as long as there is exclusive studio support on either side then it is impossible for either side to 'win'. I will not pretend that a movie like 'King Kong' doesn't exist if I only own a Blu-ray player and I will not pretend that a movie like 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' doesn't exist if I only own an HD DVD player. I highly doubt that the general public will be satisfied with not being able to watch 3 out of 10 titles in high definition because they are only available on HD DVD, not when there are dual format players on the market. Players which are getting more affordable every day.

2. Sony owns a large enough chunk of the film industry that the best case scenario for HD DVD has always been a dual format outcome. Two major studios exclusively supporting HD DVD is better for HD DVD than one major studio exclusively supporting HD DVD. Studios supporting both sides may mean more titles available overall but it's the exclusive support that is going to keep a format alive and for this two major exclusive studios is significantly better than 1 major exclusive studio.

If HD DVD loses exclusive studio support then they are dead but as it stands, they can maintain a dual format outcome. As long as they have exclusives, they are not dead. It may be up to Toshiba themselves to lead a dual format player 'charge' however. If Toshiba retains it's exclusive support this year and dual format players break the $300 barrier then HD DVD will likely retain partial industry ownership.

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MaximusPrime3997d ago

Sony would earn more if Bluray would be integrated into Xbox 360. Might happen AFTER Toshiba announce defeat.

But i dont think it will ever going to happen.

ktchong3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Then Microsoft will just let Toshiba destroy Xbox 360.

Now that there is only one hi-def format left standing, people will want to buy *the* hi-def DVD (i.e., Blu-ray) player sooner or later.

And guess which particular Blu-ray player will they consider first when they're looking to buy a new player?

If Xbox 360 includes a Blu-ray attachment, then Microsoft can more or less neutralize that advantage in the PS3. Otherwise, some consumers will just skip Xbox 360 simply because they also want a hi-def player (and now there is only ONE format.)

In fact, having the Blu-ray as an attachment instead of a built-in device could probably even help Xbox 360 over PS3, because there are consumers (even those who plan to buy a Blu-ray player) who don't like bundle -- they want options. If Xbox 360 has a Blu-ray attachment, They will think: "Well, I will get the game console now and the Blu-ray player (maybe) next month."

If Xbox 360 has a Blu-ray attachment, then that will give people who want a hi-def player (but not a dead format) a choice. PS3 does not offer that choice (since you HAVE TO get the Blu-ray right away with the PS3.) That can even turn out to be an advantage for 360.

Microsoft needs to get on with the program already, accept the reality, and use it to their advantage.

bruiser813997d ago

Yes, but there is still one big stipulation and thats the price a the blu-ray add-on. if the ps3 has a price drop and the 360 add-on is a xtra 200 dollars, that would put the 360 at a disadvantage. even if they drop the 360 to 250 when you add the add-on thats 450. Its a win win for sony either way.

ktchong3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

OPTION is as important an advantage as bundle price.

Often consumers want the benefit of having OPTIONS. They don't necessarily want an all-in-one-bundle with the stuff that they do not want right away, even if the bundle is cheaper with everything added in.

It's like buying a car. You can buy a souped-up model with all the features (MP3 player, GPS device, etc.) bundled in, but most of the time consumers take the model without all the features -- and then add in the features later at their own leisure and budget -- because they want options.

With everything included in, the souped-up model is still cheaper than buying the car and then all the bonus components separately. But in reality, the lower-end models always sell better than the high-end model with all the features that the consumers don't necessarily want.

It's also like buying a home theater system. Sometimes consumers don't want to buy the all-in-one-package - even though the bundle is cheaper than buying all the individual components later on. But people just want to buy ONLY the main component NOW, and then add on the individual components later at their leisure and (monthly) budget.

Now apply that simple and basic marketing/sales concept to consoles.

bruiser813997d ago

yeah but i thought that was the whole point of buyiung a console, and essentially separated a console from a pc. I'm not saying you dont have a point, but personally i want it all in one when it comes to video game, i dont want to constanly go out and buy upgrades and add-ons i want to get it right the first time and be done with it. Thats what turned me off when i had ps2 and xbox 1, it came with the hard-drive built in. I never bought the add-on for the ps2

wageslave3997d ago

@ Round_peg:

What would a dual-format add-on do to your little fantasy? Say, at about $79?

BOOM! There goes your movie-player-makes-the-game-ma chine narrative for the PS3. Whoops.

The Killer3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

$399=ps3+blue ray+wifi+wireless+motion sensing controller+everything basically!
360=$50 for xbox live+ hmmm... thats it basiclly!

if i have an option of buying something now and cheaper and later i add on or everything now and at the same price i think the idiot will buy second option which is a ps3 40GB=$399.

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mighty_douche3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Would they need sony approve for this? if so, i cant see it.

EDIT: thats what i was thinking.

TrooGamer3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

BDA would have to approve it. Sony wont allow this.

At least not until PS3 was in a better position

Sayai jin3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

If HD DVD completly fails, MS will proably adopt Blu-ray., but they intend their IPTV/DD service to be in full effect before HD media has taken over DVD fully, so adopting HD media may be a moot point. MS is making way for the future they see with Digital downloads.

For the person above debating whether or not if Blu-ray wins the format war, if it will increase PS3 selling rate. I my opinion, it will not really. Of course it will give those buing a PS3 the confindence that they will have a media player that has a continued life. The reason why it will not is becase nextgen HD media wil not become mainstream and replace DVD for 3 to 5 if not more. In a year or two there will be blu-ray players that will only cost $100 to $200 (low-end ones). PS3 sales will increase through broadening of PSN, good games, etc not blu-ray.