The Lesson Smash Bros. And Halo 3 Could Teach Other Video Games

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes:

"Late last year I had dinner with a publicist for a major video game company and offered him what I thought was a terrifically modern suggestion about how to enhance gaming consoles. It was a solution, I thought, to the widespread neglect many video games suffer. And my idea, offered between bites of my gourmet burger, was shot down, for a reason I still have trouble accepting.

I suggested that video game consoles should no longer just support the playing and purchasing of games. They should support sharing. Just so the publicist didn't think I meant that his company should let their customers upload and download their games for free, I clarified the kind of sharing I meant: showing off stuff that's in the games."

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smashballs3968d ago

The lesson is people are competitive at games. Not just winning them, but learning to play them well. To convey the joy of their gaming through demonstration. And asswhopping. Smash Bros. allows for that, and so does Halo 3. But this taking pictures thing is realatively new. A lot of people will use it, but in the end, people just want to compete and play these games even if they can't host a gaming session at their house every night. That is the lesson.

Jo0j3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The publicist buddy is an idiot. Gaming is being held back by people like this. Who couldn't see the potential in that? Take all of it, the screenshots, replays, the sharing, make it standard for all games. It could only broaden the appeal of gaming. I thought that was the main ''goal'' of the industry as of late, silly me.

Why stop there? What if the face-mapping from Tiger Woods was also ''shared' with other games? Imagine if GTAIV had all of that, all the kinds of crazy stuff that would come from the communities that form around this stuff?

Put it in SoulCaliburIV's create-a-character mode. How about a RPG? Put the faces of your buddies on the faces of your party/squad members? At least do it for all sports games' create-a-mode, Madden, NBA 2k/Live, Fifa, Tennis, Baseball. Hell, SmackdownvsRaw would would be way better if you could put yourself, or a friends face, on their created wrestler, then be able to take shots and video of the ensuing chaos and be able to share it all with fam and friends? It would be a nice option.

There are only positives to be gained here.