CCP Games CMO David Reid Explains Why Dust 514 Is One To Watch This Year

Joel Taveras of DualShockers says, "If someone asked me describe CCP Games’ PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter Dust 514 in one word, the word would have to be: Ambitious.

Through its moment to moment gameplay and based on the popular EVE Online universe, Dust 514 is an attempt to rethink how shooters are played. David Reid from CCP, jumped on camera to discuss the title and to help fill in how this whole concept — the relationship between Dust 514 and EVE players — works."

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sandman2242431d ago

Enough with all the news on dust 514. Release the game already so I can find out if it's any good.

Tai_Kaliso2431d ago

I don't know, this game could be good or mediocre, I'm torn on it, but I do know the name "Dust 514" is not something that screams hit.

I think they should maybe rename it or get a focus group together and find a better name.

Games4M - Rob2431d ago

I'm staggered at how utterly whiney and wank that comment is.

Virtual_Reality2431d ago

There is a meaning and a purpose of DUST 514.

DUST means the Mercs are nothing but only dust because they are Clones. And the number 514, it is something that no one knows what it is, so players need to figure it out.

younglj012431d ago

wow i never thought about this.dude with that one statement I'm so ready for this game.If this game can have 514 players at once like a super size MAG with EVE online then I'm sad too say there will be no MAG 2 if this is true.

:( ^

catfrog2431d ago

i enjoy the name,
as well as looking forward,
to try out the game


younglj012431d ago

wow this dude love making games.I love what he was saying towards the end.Dust514 is looking too another classic for the Playstation franchise.