343 Industries’ Frank O'Connor hints at Conan-related announcement for Halo 4

343 Industries’ Frank O'Connor gives a few vague hints at what to expect regarding Conan O'Brien’s Halo 4 related announcement for tomorrow.

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Tai_Kaliso2431d ago

Definitely gonna check this out, any Halo year with Master Chief is a treat.

Big ups for the biggest console exclusive to be released this year!

Guess I'll have to check out Conan now.

tigertron2431d ago

Campaign trailer?

I doubt it...¬_¬

LAWSON722431d ago

Honestly I don't like to see story trailers especially for halo when there is a new enemy hopefully 343 keeps that shit quiet til launch

FlashXIII2431d ago

Why are Halo announcements being made on the Conan O'Brien show of all places? Jeez that's pretty fail.

jdktech20102431d ago

My guess is that he's one of the characters or something stupid like that....which is fine but just tell us that. If it's not pertinent to the campaign, feature set or multiplayer, I don't really care....unless it's a release date...then I care

dexter116282431d ago

"One Sleep"? mabey it has something to do with Cheif during his Cryo nap