Sony's Blu-Ray Breakthrough

Warner Bros.' decision to back the format makes buying a PS3 less of a gamble for gamers-and promises licensing fees in the future

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mighty_douche3693d ago

whaaa? when was it ever a gamble, if you bought it early like i did you had to be patient, not worried.

SKUD3693d ago

The only gamble was buying anything HD-DVD.

d3l33t3693d ago


rofldings3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )


(Blu-ray news isn't fun anymore cause we can't argue with bots anymore :[)

ThatArtGuy3693d ago

So... knowing that you don't like blu-ray threads you came into this one, proceeded to read it, AND THEN(!!!) decided to post in it?!?

That's an odd choice.

ravinash3693d ago

5th....but it doesn't take away my right to comment on one of the details of this posting.

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Mr Marbles3693d ago

This is turning into the official bluray fan site, ENOUGH ALREADY, who cares about bluray, this has nothing to do with gaming.

JBaby3433693d ago

Considering games are now being made on blu-ray it does have to do with gaming. Especially when you consider that more disc space is being proven to be very useful if not essential.

cmrbe3693d ago

Blu ray is a big factor in this gen gaming esp for the PS3 and indirectly its competition. I do agree will all thought that this is enough.Until Paramount switch to blu only or the HD-dvd group concede. There is no point recycling the same news.

The Killer3693d ago

its the best console with the best games(MGS4,KZ2,LBP,FF13 etc)
and its the best and cheapest or cheap blue ray player!

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The story is too old to be commented.