Seth Killian Fills Us in on Characters, DLC, and Functionality in Street Fighter X Tekken Vita

Joel Taveras from DualShockers had a chance to catch up with Capcom community manager Seth Killian to talk Street Fighter X Tekken for the PlayStation Vita.

Seth go over characters, DLC, and some of the unique functionality coming over to the Vita version of the title -- which includes cross platform (Vita vs. PS3 play) that can be achieved over a 3G connection -- a first for any 3rd party title on the platform.

If you're a fan of the console version and are on the fence about the Vita title, this interview should help steer you in the right direction.

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LeShin2433d ago

Hold on?!!!! You'll be able to play Streetfighter X Tekken online over 3G?!!!!

...and that ladies & gentlemen is why I'm happy I bought the 3G Vita!

Ares84HU2433d ago

I wonder how the button configurations work since for me there aren't enough buttons on the DS3 to play the game properly as is.

FriedGoat2433d ago

I use a fight stick and I don't even use the end buttons, I just press all three, no problem :D glad I got my 3G vita too

LeShin2433d ago

Might do it the same way as BlazBlu Continuum Shift does. You can use two sides of the back touch panel as L2 and R2 and can even use the left and right direction of the right analog stick as a button