Top 10 Games That Should Be Films

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This generation has witnessed an explosive shift in how games tell stories. With companies like Naughty Dog, Quantum Dream, and Rockstar pushing the boundaries between gaming and film to provide entertaining, gripping, and even emotionally driven games, one question still remains:

When will we see a great film adaptation of a video game?

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pbasson2431d ago

Should be, but knowing Hoewood they probably fuk it up.
Well aleast I know their are fans out there that wud do their own version on youtube. Atleast they solid to the source.

schlanz2430d ago

Dead Space should be on that list.

Pintheshadows2430d ago

I'd rather a cgi version of Uncharted in the style of Tintin. However if they insist on live action i'd hope they'd cast well and not just throw anyone in. My choice for Nate would be Joe Flannigan (Lt Col Sheppard, SG Atlantis). With a bit of bulk the likeness would be creepy.

Jason1432430d ago

why not cast the voice and likeness of nate. the actual character lol thats his normal voice anyways

Pintheshadows2430d ago

Have you seen Nolan North? Don't get me wrong, I really like his voice acting and mo-cap work but as the main actor in a live action film. Hell no.

However if they went the cgi route the games cast should be in there without a doubt.

We as gamers need to accept that in live action films you're not going to get the games cast playing their roles. It won't happen. You think Acti or EA are bad, almost every film production company in the states are far worse. Game publishers dream they can be that ruthless.

For example, do you think the guy that voices Kratos should be given the chance to play him if a God of War film is made just because he has the right voice?

TekoIie2430d ago

I would prefer most of the games on this list to remain games. ME should NOT be movie because it cant emphasise on what the game does (character creation, dialogue choices and you own story). Killzone could be a good movie but it would come down to budget.

Fallout, Red dead, L.a noire and Batman:AC??? WTF??? keep these as games for gods sake. I bet that if all of those were movies they would suck...

Menashe2430d ago

LA Noire and Batman: AC aren't on the list. They're on his list of games that shouldn't be made into movies.

TekoIie2430d ago

woops dunno how i got that mixed up lol thank god :)

Nac2430d ago

These types of articles need to die off. Movies aren't the master medium. Hell, Uncharted 3 was more cinematic than most movies these days anyway.

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