Why are video game sales looking so weak lately? Blame Nintendo.

Arstechnica- If you're the kind of person that pays attention to the monthly reports on new retail video game hardware and software sales from industry tracking firm NPD, then 2012 has looked like a bloodbath. Industry-wide software sales were down 37 percent, 24 percent, and 26 percent for the first three months of the year, respectively, when compared with the same period in 2011. Hardware and accessory sales have seen similarly massive declines so far in 2012.

But the suffering is not being borne equally across the industry. In fact, if you had to distill the root cause of the downturn in NPD's reported numbers into a single word, that word would be the company that very recently helped the industry grow to new record heights: Nintendo.

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Crap_Turtle2432d ago

Like what was mentioned before hes just a troll

badjournalism2432d ago

Just because you don't like what he's saying doesn't make this a troll. The NPD numbers support what he's saying. Do you have anything besides "Nuh uh! You're a troll!" to refute it? I thought not.

Crap_Turtle2431d ago

the numbers actually dont back up what hes saying within the context of the gaming ecosystem right now and historical data

StanSmith2431d ago

He is half right. While the Wii sales are down, so are the PS3's and 360's. Nintendo can't be blamed for those.

The WiiU is releasing this year so why would anyone buy a Wii now? You expect the sales to drop as people will wait for the latest hardware, considering the Wii games will be compatible on WiiU.

The lack of innovation and the same old games releasing is the problem along with the DLC milking strategy which is now backfiring. Want someone to blame for the decline? Look at EA, Activision, Capcom etc. They are the problem.

fear882431d ago

He was talking about year on year declines. In 2006-2008 we had record sales because of a consumer segment that Nintendo tapped into in order to bolster those sales. The author goes on to say that since the mobile platform and facebook games have boomed, those consumers have moved on and left a decline that Nintendo is responsible for. Which Nintendo now has to fall back onto its usual consumer segment of Nintendo fans and children.

The later of course might be more difficult with the recent popularity of 1.99 apps on itouch devices like the ipod touch it makes it an affordable and competent competitor.

Nintendo needs to again expand their market to fill in that loss and has to play the game as the others do, by expanding the content and providing content services like online. Nintendo needs to create a console that attracts kids better than an idevice and also appeals to the outlying niche that is core gamers.

In terms of the 3DS sales they are doing exactly what they need.

Shnazzyone2431d ago

He is trolling how he's wording it. However it's kinda true. Because Nintendo set the sales bar so high with the wii, now that the system is no longer new or unique the sales have dipped. Everyone who wanted one owns one already. So in that fashion, nintendo not releasing a new console hasmade overall sales dip.

Though that's just an interpretation. That's why it's only kinda true. THe whole picture includes that reason coupled with how few quality titles game companies release during a majority of the year now. Look at that release schedule. there is, maybe 2 worthwhile release a month all summer for every platform. There's really nothing amazing for console gamers to buy these days. Kid icarus was the last worthwhile game I can think of that came out and that was LAST MONTH.

Based on what i've seen we could also blame sony using similar logic this writer used. They priced their new system too kigh and didn't give it enough games. So now the only thing that could be making the game market look good right now instead is making the game market look like a failing media. When it's more sony is just oblivious and game publishers want to line up every quality release for christmas.

SilentNegotiator2431d ago

So the Wii is down, resulting in overall decline? *shrugs*

The end of the generation is nearing. What can you expect?

dedicatedtogamers2432d ago

Interesting how - during the Wii's rise - the mega-huge sales of games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Bros Wii were glossed over (20+ million sellers) in favor of games like Call of Duty and Gears of War. The media won't give Nintendo credit, and then when industry sales drop, they blame Nintendo. Riiiiight.

Fact: the month New Super Mario Bros launched on the Wii, the Wii nabbed the highest 1-month sales of any videogame console in the history of videogames. Look it up. Of course, almost no one reported on that. Instead, we all were bombarded a year later about how Kinect is "the fastest-selling electronics thingamajic EVAH" even though it was bundled in nearly every single 360 for the holiday season. Derp.

Majin-vegeta2431d ago

I could have sworn we're in a recession don't you???

catfrog2431d ago

no ones blaming nintendo for the industry being in a downturn, its happened every generation since gaming started, platforms release and peak, then drop, wii is dropping right now while ps3 and x360 are peaking. just because nintendo is down right now doesnt mean that theyre at all in a bad position, their stock isnt dropping, and theres a reason for it. theyre in a great position to take advantage of some of their properties, but that doesnt mean theyre immune to market trends, sales slump for platforms after theyve been on the market for a while.

also, the media is stupid, who cares if theyre giving credit to nintendo, the stock markets are giving credit where credit is due, thats what theyre meant for. the media on the other hand is meant to be sensationalized.

anyways, im looking forward to what nintendo will be announcing for their platform, i hope they get some rpgs in development sooner rather than later, its pretty much the only reason i play ps3 more than anything else, its the only console with jrpgs anymore.

Bimkoblerutso2430d ago

Look, the article is sensationalist, but there are some trends he brings up that are very relevant to the future of Nintendo, namely Nintendo's supposed "capturing" of the casual market during it's infant years.

There's really next to no evidence to suggest that it's Nintendo's fault the industry is not as strong as it has been (I mean good God, how does the nearly worldwide recession not factor into these debates?), but it's irrefutable that they seem to be hurting worse than the other two companies due to their staunch devotion to the casual crowd this generation.

So much time and effort was devoted to attracting them that Nintendo made the mistake of assuming they would stick around from here on out, as if they had "won" their devotion....and that's just historically not what the casual crowd does. Not in ANY medium. As far as anyone can tell, they simply jumped onto the next bandwagon that popped up just about the same time the Wii began to decline: cheap, shallow, trendy mobile gaming.

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dark-hollow2431d ago

come back to me in christmas when 3ds/wii u are breaking sales records.

NotSoSilentBob2431d ago

Don't blame a console maker. Blame the Devs/Publishers for cutting content and then reselling it for extra cash. This is what is going to lead to another crash in gaming. Yes the systems are selling strong threw a recession, but the publishers and Developers are going to kill peoples interest in gaming by screwing them out of content that needs to be there.

StanSmith2431d ago


People aren't buying software on release as a year later you get the same game plus the DLC a year later (i.e. the finished product), for a fraction of the price.

The Corporate fools at the helm of the publishers have themselves to blame.

Ethereal2431d ago

We have no one to blame but ourselves in regards to on disc DLC and online passes. The market has changed in a matter that requires every developer to introduce multiplayer to stimulate sales. I sell games for a living and I can tell you from experience that a vast majority of gamers ask "Does this game have multiplayer?" People see more value in a game if it has multiplayer because today's "gamer" doesn't give a rats ass about story or compelling characters. "Do I get to shoot other players in the face so I can talk shit" mentality has distorted the roots of a medium of interactive art. I remember the days before DLC, patches and multiplayer...

CaptainN2431d ago

I say blame 3rd parties who abandoned the Wii due to the fact they couldn't come up with anything innovative enough to actually sell on the Wii. The only iniative 3rd parties had this gen was to do something in HD on other consoles........ well look where that got us. Oh and I forgot .......maybe make more games that aren't FPS's.

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