Over 70 Weapons in MGS4: New English Demo Footage


"Kojima revealed at TGS that there would be over 70 weapons in Metal Gear Solid 4, and what's more they would be customisable. With CES going on right now, we are getting new footage of some of these weapons. Watching these five new videos from the MGS4 English demo, it's almost safe to say that Kojima has done it again."

More videos at link.

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lynx1halo3993d ago


HeartlesskizZ3993d ago

lol cant wait for MGO2...I wont play anything else online after that

TANOD3993d ago

It is the second biggest GAME of this ERA after FF13

sonarus3993d ago

how can ppl still say mgs4 dosent have impressive graphics. Name 5 games in 08 that look better than mgs4. Its quite obvious kojima is going all out with this and ign is saying kojima is aiming for 1080p and 60fps. I don't care if its upscaled as long as it isnt 640p but that is amazing enough. Xbots need to stop being jealous and just pray silently that this game makes it to xbox if not just accept your fate and buy a ps3. I am tired of fanboys hating on this game its unfair for a game to look this good and credit isnt given. Props kojima for doin wat you do

Relcom3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Thats what i'm talkin bout.

blacsheep3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

after 3,ready...........SYSTEM SELLER!!!!!!!!

Account deleted3993d ago

sure is: SYSTEM SELLER (please disagree with me xbots just to show how silly you are)

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Gaara_7243993d ago

mgs4 just got a hell load better and now i have 95% chance of geting it this time let us c the porn mags as well.. lol

heyheyhey3993d ago

and you can mod them via the arms dealer drebbin- over 70 looks badass, especially if most of them are as cool as the mosin nagant or the patriot gun in mgs3- i also heard you can use different ammo types such as rubber rings to stun enemies rather than kill them

Keowrath3993d ago

Rubber rings sounds very Kojima in his ongoing struggle against killing people. I also want a huge cannon of a gun like the M63 complete with Snakes warcry from MGS3 but I doubt that will be quite so non-lethal =)

BLuKhaos3993d ago

I would love to get my hands on a .50 caliber Sniper Rifle.I really hope its in the game.

Account deleted3993d ago

how about a huge cannon of rubber balls, or the m63 with huge rubber rounds loool... kojima can add this as a secret unlockable of course, he is quite eccentric if he wants to, he sure will. that's what i like about him, his sense of humour, and great writing skills

Keowrath3992d ago

PRONEpsl lol you just got me into thinking about an RPG with heavy rubber balls, you can fire it and ricochet off walls knocking anything in it's path flying out of the way.

If you've ever seen the secret cinemas of MGS3 or the othe goof videos Kojima has done you can just imagine people flying in all directions!

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